Ädept Brings Us on a Sonic Journey and Leads With New Single “Find You”

Find You” is the brand new single and the second official release from the upcoming album “The Ädept files” from renowned music producer and artist Ädept. In 2020, it’s hard to find cool and new ways to release and package music, but Ädept is finding new ways to keep things fresh and bringing us the “Ädept Files” - the song “Find You” is a real gem.

Starting off, “Find You” doesn’t prepare you at the beginning of what you are getting in for. The track opens up with space-like synth that has sparkly sounds in the background, while also keep an upbeat vibe. Then, the vocals of the feature Amber Skyes kick in and we are engaged in what is happening sonically. The vocal melody is driving through the song and keeps it fresh with appropriately timed switches in the moves of the melody. After the first chorus, you are given another feature and it is brought by Walter PS and he lays down intense vocals that stand out. The contrast between both vocals are beautiful and display an amazing amount of talent from both performers, as well as the production of Ädept. “Where am I gonna find you” is the hook of the song and it is beautifully delivered making it a truly compelling listening experience.

Listen to “Find You” by Ädept here.