Élishia Sharie Ignites the Flame of a "New Strange"

Electrifying, hypnotizing, and audacious are just a few words used to describe the Los Angeles-based Neo Alternative Rock artist Élishia Sharie.

Drawing upon iconic influences such as AC/DC and Nirvana, Élishia Sharie effortlessly synthesizes elements of 80’s Classic Rock with 90’s Grunge to create an aggressive, cross-generational sound that she contrasts with an unapologetically soulful vocal, reminiscent of Janis Joplin and Tina Turner.

Accompanying the undeniable timbres that hail from the sultry essence of Élishia Sharie, her most recent single, “New Strange,” dabbles in foreboding tones in an enticing setting. The heavy spirits locked into instrumentation that sways with the amplified rock notions of a hard-hitting buoyancy spring into effect as we grasp the tantalizing guitar chords and beguiling percussion elements packing the vibrancy of the musicality.

Élishia Sharie’s enigmatic vocal performance is draped in tones of rasp chalked full of melancholy as she paints a vivid narrative that fluently sways listeners to the beat of her own drum. Empowering her audience with words shadowing a fresh start and new age of strange, the amalgamation of musical components triumphantly lures us into the chorus where she wreaks havoc on this masterpiece fighting for change in the lyrical thesis emanated. Never one to fall into normalcy, it’s only fitting that Élishia Sharie’s compositions follow suit in the energetic execution of her authenticity shaped by self-expression and individuality.

Catering to her fan base in a way that draws them toward the grippingly raw emotions heard in her distinct raspy tones, this powerhouse rises from the ashes and sets her sights on connecting with listeners far and wide on her way to the top.