Élishia Sharie Ignites the Flame of a "New Strange"

Electrifying, hypnotizing, and audacious are just a few words used to describe the Los Angeles-based Neo Alternative Rock artist Élishia Sharie.

Drawing upon iconic influences such as AC/DC and Nirvana, Élishia Sharie effortlessly synthesizes elements of 80’s Classic Rock with 90’s Grunge to create an aggressive, cross-generational sound that she contrasts with an unapologetically soulful vocal, reminiscent of Janis Joplin and Tina Turner.

Accompanying the undeniable timbres that hail from the sultry essence of Élishia Sharie, her most recent single, “New Strange,” dabbles in foreboding tones in an enticing setting. The heavy spirits locked into instrumentation that sways with the amplified rock notions of a hard-hitting buoyancy spring into effect as we grasp the tantalizing guitar chords and beguiling percussion elements packing the vibrancy of the musicality.

Élishia Sharie’s enigmatic vocal performance is draped in tones of rasp chalked full of melancholy as she paints a vivid narrative that fluently sways listeners to the beat of her own drum. Empowering her audience with words shadowing a fresh start and new age of strange, the amalgamation of musical components triumphantly lures us into the chorus where she wreaks havoc on this masterpiece fighting for change in the lyrical thesis emanated. Never one to fall into normalcy, it’s only fitting that Élishia Sharie’s compositions follow suit in the energetic execution of her authenticity shaped by self-expression and individuality.

Catering to her fan base in a way that draws them toward the grippingly raw emotions heard in her distinct raspy tones, this powerhouse rises from the ashes and sets her sights on connecting with listeners far and wide on her way to the top.

Congratulations on the release of “New Strange.” We love the eloquent stylings that you pair with heavy-hitting energy. What moment or story inspired the victorious sound behind “New Strange?"

Hello, and thank you! I am super excited to be finally sharing "New Strange" with the world. 2020 and all its crazy inspired the victorious sound behind this release. I know, I know, a lot of people don't see the victory in a year that was filled with so much loss and uncertainty, but if you're reading this, you are victorious. If I'm being honest, I started feeling some "pandemic burnout" by September of last year and had to disappear for a while to spend some time attending to my mental health. I had started to feel negative about a lot of things, but the reality of it was, I was waking up EVERY SINGLE DAY. Despite how I felt, it was the "dawning of a new day," inside this "New Strange" we were all forced to encounter, so I had to start focusing on that—focusing on the victory and the blessing of still being here.

How does “New Strange” fit into or stand out from your previous releases heard in your music catalog?

"New Strange" both fits into and stands out from my previous releases. "New Strange" dives deeper into my storyline of "The Phoenix Rises"—a story about a woman who has persevered through many obstacles, and in the end, becomes powerful and victorious! That woman is me. In the same breath, this song is a standout from my catalog, because this is the first release where I feature my entire band and their amazing musicianship (shout out to Kev, José, and Berto)! I think this song also shows a more vulnerable side of me that not many people get to hear or experience personally or musically.

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative and recording process that you embarked on in order to bring life to this song? Were there any stand-out moments that made the release even more rewarding?

Sure! Unlike my previous releases, I wrote the lyrics and melody to this song, first, before the music was added. I typically work the other way around—letting the music inspire the lyrics I write. Once I completed the lyrics, I brought them to a rehearsal and sang them to my band, who then instantly started jamming and playing what you hear in the recording. When it came time to record the song, we did everything remotely and socially distanced. Each musician recorded and emailed their recordings to myself and my producer/husband, and he did the final production on the song. Honestly, RELEASING this song is the standout moment that made this release even more rewarding. It is always an accomplishment when I feel comfortable enough to share something that came from my weird mind.

What is the main message that you send out to your fan base through your artistry?

"FIGHT!" Fight for your dreams. Fight for your life. Just keep fighting. This message has been the foundation of what I do as an artist. "FIGHT!" was my very first global release after I suffered more than a decade of vocal loss. I had to overcome a lot to be where I am now—to be in a position to do the very thing that I love the most, music. We all have our battles, so I am always encouraging my fan base to keep fighting despite obstacles or opposition. I have never known perseverance to disappoint. Your true destiny and victory await you, but you can't give up before you reach them. Keep fighting.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

Muhahahaha (that's my evil laugh)! I'm so happy you asked this question! I already have another song queued up! I just finished putting the final touches on some lyrics that I will be bringing to my band at our next rehearsal. I already know this next release is going to have more of a Heavy Metal influence and I can't wait to share it!


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