ɌƁŁ Makes Powerful Debut With His Captivating Truth In “For You”

Joseph Cave, better known for his professional name of ɌƁŁ is a talented singer/songwriter, rapper, and gifted lyricist. Born in Minnesota, Joseph uses his music as a way to cope with mental illness due to a less than ideal childhood. At only 7 years old, Joseph and his siblings were taken from their parents due to an abusive situation and put into foster, it wasn’t until a few months later that many other disturbing details came to light and he was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. When he was 15, ɌƁŁ began writing to deal with his past traumas and hardships. 

Now making his debut with a new hip-hop R&B crossover hit, ɌƁŁ released “For You” and we’re loving it here at BuzzMusic. Joseph recites every verse and chorus with meaningful intent and power. The raw energy and soul comes through the speakers, ɌƁŁ’s emotive lyrics make his passion come alive. “For You” really hits home and demands to be heard. ɌƁŁ has the voice to make a difference through his powerful ballad hook and hard-hitting verses. I recommend you check out this track and stay on the lookout for ɌƁŁ and his rise to the top. Let’s see more of this hip-hop on the charts.

Check out “For You” here and scroll down for our exclusive interview with ɌƁŁ!

Hi ɌƁŁ! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself and how you got started making music?

Sure. I started making music when I was around 14 years old, or at least writing and hooking up tracks to an old karaoke. I have been through a lot in my life, abuse, foster care, ect, and writing was something I started to do when I hit rock bottom. I started creating music and even though people didn’t like it at first, I kept writing as a way to express myself in the only way I knew how.

“For You” is a powerful track! What is your favorite lyric? Why?

My favorite lyrics are “But I’m sick of it, and heart can’t get it enough of it // Like, it’s and addictive pill that I’m popping every morning // And by the end of the night I’m mourning”. This lyric is really meaningful to me personally because it accurately describes how I feel when I’m searching for love and admiration and I don’t receive it. It shows this inner battle that others and myself struggle with, and if the listeners get goosebumps when they listen to my music, than everything was worth it.

What do you hope listeners take away from hearing “For You”?

I believe that music is more than just an art. It is the expression of life and ones experiences. I want the listeners to take it as they will, to impact each one separately depending on their own experiences. Most of all, I want people to feel my music. I want people to experience a little bit of my pain, my heartache, but also my story and my triumphs.


What do you think sets you apart from other artists?

I am genuine, I work hard and I grind to perfect my craft. I could care less what others say about my music. Sure, its awesome when people tell me it’s good. Sure, it’s annoying when people go out of their way to say its trash. At the end of the day however, it’s up to me to decide who I want to be and what music I want to create. If the people vibe with it, awesome. If they don’t that’s fine. However, if people go out of their way to hate on my art, then fuck them, plain and simple. You’re not a friend of me.

What’s next for you through the end of 2019?

I’ve been grinding at my job and at college. I hope to put out another single at the end of the school year though. I also am planning on going down to meet with an executive from Atlantic Records in Chicago next month to do a live performance and build some reputation.