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2 Dub Official Wants You To Just “Roll Wit It” In His Latest Single

2 Dub Official is a Ohio native hailing from a city they call the “Mud”. He is an indie artist that is a writer and performs both Hip Hop and spoken word. Some of his love for music came from his favorite influences like Talib Kweli, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Ice Cube, 2Pac, Nas, Jay Z and J. Cole to name a few. 2 Dub Official is inspired to create new material most by emotions and life events. He switches up the style of writing by writing about the situation or other times writing about how to escape the situation. His ultimate goal is to connect with his listeners in a way that makes them feel relief when listening. 2 Dub Official is sharing his latest single “Roll Wit It.”

This track is so cool! Like I love the production first and foremost. I enjoy the voice distortion and that high pitch vocal is always a favorite of mine. I appreciate how there are so many layers of sounds and tempos through the entire track. Small additions large additions, I mean you name it. If you are a fan of blended sounds, this is the perfect track for you! His lyricism is really dope and I can hear the blend of Hip Hop and spoken word. It isn’t often you can do both and pull it off but 2 Dub Official is a rare one and managed to really make his own sound in this music lane.

Listen to “Roll Wit It" here and get to know more about 2 Dub Official below!

Hey what’s up! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey world, they call me 2 Dub Official. I’m an artist of the diversified kind and my goal is to make music that pulls you into it.

Tell me what made you decide to blend hip hop and spoken word?

Poetry is my base that I grew up doing first and the music came next. My desire is to give the world a piece of every part of me artistically.

When it comes to creating the lyrics to your songs, do you use your own situations or stories from others you have heard?  

When creating a song I tend to do either do a little of both or neither at all. Sometimes it’s all about fun and joy or the mood the music puts me in. 

What is the backstory behind “Roll Wit It”?

Roll Wit It was created in bits and peaces. The chorus came to me in the bedroom listening to some music with my girl a year before the producer, Charles Yates, let me hear the music. I wanted to make something sensual and sexy but with a touch of innocence that expressed the willingness to move slow while showing the thoughts that form throughout the time dating.

Where can we find you and your music?  

My music can be found on all digital media outlets such as Tidal, Spotify, ITunes, Amazon Music, YouTube and YouTube Music and many more. On social media I can be found on FB @2dubofficial, IG @2dubofficial, Twitter @2dubofficial1


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