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Spotlight: Music In The Life Of David

David Koster is a talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. At only 19 years old, David received training in music is using his knowledge to pursue his dreams in music. He’s a self-taught guitarist and pianist since the age of 10 and shows no signs of slowing down! As a one-man band, David Koster writes, records, performs and produces his own material. The David Koster Band is a band you’ll wish you’d stumbled upon a long time ago. As an introduction to the artist, 2019 is absolutely the year to tune in.

The David Koster band released a 3-song EP titled “3 Lil’ Diddies” and was followed up with an impressive 20 song album “Love, Love, Love”, with a newly vamped version of one of our favorite singles “Change”. David leads with artistry with an impeccable balance between skill and passion. Featured on his much-anticipated album “Music In The Life of David”,  “Space Radio” is superbly well performed, that leading voice and the guitar work and the unity between everything – there’s a classic rock aura from the offset and thus refuses to let up right the way through. You quickly crave a live show from the one-man band David Koster, nostalgia and fresh songwriting intertwine to immense results. These qualities are undeniably rare at present, and fortunately, they run throughout The David Koster Band’s catalog to date. Stay on the lookout for his upcoming album “Music In The Life of David”. Listen to new music from David Koster here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic David Koster! It’s such a pleasure to be chatting with you again. You seem to be an artist that puts a substantial amount of thought into your lyrics! Who/what has inspired you to be the artist you are today?

To become the musician I am today was a full 19 year process.  I can remember back to the very first New Years Eve Parties we had where my Dad would play countless songs from our stereo system.  We didn’t have iPhones or anything back then so it was DVD’s and CD’s or no music at all.  This is where my love of music was born.  I can remember singing The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down from The Band’s “The Last Waltz”.  I remember hearing Tiny Dancer and asking my Dad who it was.  He told me “That’s Elton dude, he’s the best piano player ever”.  I looked him in the eyes and told him that that’s what I wanted to do with my life.  I was maybe 5 or 6 at the time, but I knew that what I was born to do was create music until the day I die, so if you see me going then hand me an instrument and I can die happy!  My mission in life is to be the revitalization of Rock n Roll, Reggae, Southern Rock and Blues, because when this music ruled the world we had peace.  If I can bring us back together as a world, then maybe for just one second we can all look through the same lens and understand each other.  I’ve also had a lot of happiness and pain in my life.  I’ve had a broken heart, I’ve felt love, I’ve broken friendships and I’ve had one of my closest friends that taught me how to be a musician pass away.  I have always been a leader for my entire life and though I may have followed, that was my time to learn and become a leader.  Now it’s my turn to share what I’ve learned from all my experiences through music.

"Space Radio" is an energizing and refreshing new song on your upcoming album “Music In The Life Of David”. Where did you draw inspiration for this particular track?

Space Radio was inspired by an idea I had while listening to the Grateful Dead.  The Grateful Dead released countless live albums that draw upon their audience to finish the song, such as Not Fade Away where the audience chants “You know our love will Not Fade Away” for close to 5 minutes after the Dead already finished the song.  That is what I wanted to capture in this song.  Space Radio is not just a musical piece, but a template for musicians to play along with.  The entire point is that it is a jam through and through, it’s an invitation to any musician to just turn on the song and play along.  As the final lyrics go “Plug the amp into the wall, you are here inside this song, now it’s time to jam on”.

We love everything you released this year so far! What was the overall concept of your EP “3 Lil’ Diddies”?

For the 3 Lil’ Diddes EP I wanted to release the three core songs that meant the most to me from Love, Love, Love.  This happened to be One Big Problem, Change, and Where Has The Feeling Gone?  One Big Problem was written about a girl who became just one BIG problem.  Change is about how I needed to change as a person to move on with my life.  If I want to be a musician and share my experiences with the world then I will have to let myself be vulnerable, and that’s part of the change I needed, there’s much more to it than just that though.  Finally, Where Has The Feeling Gone? is about a friendship that at the time I thought had burnt out.  Luckily it is still alive and I’m using some new songs from Music In The Life Of David to show that this friendship has come back in full force.

What was the creation and production process like on such a large project like “Love, Love, Love”? How long was this album in the making?

Love, Love, Love was a huge production experiment for me.  Each song was a lesson in itself, and because of that the album took roughly 4 years to make.  These songs didn’t all just pop up at once, they needed to be nurtured and coddled because I was still learning how to write music and be a musician. Still Something Better was the first song I ever finished writing around 2015 and it’s a very simple song at first glance but very deep as well, and that’s where I learned about how to look inside myself and find the lyrics that are written in my soul for these songs.  Love, Love, Love was an experiment and a learning experience for me, and now it’s time to take what I’ve learned from that and apply it to my next album.  Then I will take what I learn from that album and apply it to the third, it’s just a constant cycle!

We know that you're a lover of integrating a variety of elements in your music. Would you ever incorporate contrasting genres into your music with your upcoming album, or do you think it would ruin the type of sound you're attempting to reach?

My dream is to be the most accomplished musician ever.  I look towards Bobby McFerrin and Willie Nelson as inspiration for being diverse because they have played so many different genres that you can’t fit them into just one.  I right now am still just beginning to scratch the surface of song writing and the songs that are in me.  I have every intention of expanding my catalog of genres, as well as collaborating with any and every artist who offers because that’s what creating music is about.  A connection between two or more people that no other person will ever feel unless they are a part of it too.  So yes I plan on playing many different styles and genres, in fact as many as humanly possible, I just need to find the people who can help me do that first!  I don’t think it would ever ruin my sound because I would never let anything touch my sound.  That is for me to hold only, nobody will ever change it because it is mine.  I would only try to integrate it into these new genres but mix them to create a new sound that nobody has ever heard or even conceived before.  

Thank you so much for chatting with us. What can you tell us about your brand new release “Music In The Life Of David”?

The album “Music In The Life Of David” is exactly what it is trying to say.  It is music from my life to yours.  These songs are lessons that I learned about being a human, friend, lover, son, and musician over the years.  I can only hope that these songs can help someone as much as they helped me.  Each song has a story attached to it, some with triumphant lyrics, and some with depressed lyrics.  These lyrics came straight from me, they are not tainted by anyone else, they are as George Harrison said, “I Me Mine”.  The album includes a lot of personal struggles and realizations that helped me overcome these hardships.  If someone can find just a glimmer of the realizations I had and apply them to their life then I know that I’ve done my job.


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