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24kays Is Back Again With His Bouncy Single “Arcade Baby"

24kayz is a rap artist who’s music is described by music professionals to be the next level. Recently 24kayz dropped his retro flair tune “Arcade Baby” and it is an absolute bop of a record.

“Arcade Baby” has an amazing high energy to it that keeps the energy up since the moment it begins, with its chiptune quirky synth tones that have a bit of a character to them, and the driven bouncy 808 drum rhythms mixed in with some organic percussion, “Arcade Baby” makes for a fun experience that can send a party into a constant craze. This is one of those songs that will make for an unforgettable night, it has that energy and bounce that just calls for it to crank on the biggest speakers you have and vibe out with your best friends. Hiding underneath the fun instrumentation is 24kayz’s thought evoking lyrics and performance that perfectly go along with the groove, with lyrics like “No! My love something you can’t play with” this song sheds shines a light and can touch the emotions of many individuals while still being a grooving bop. We are continued to be hooked by the music 24kayz puts out and we can’t wait to hear what is next.

Check out “Arcade Baby” here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic 24keys! We’re loving your release “Arcade Baby”, it’s definitely a bop. How did you come to this track? Did the lyrics come first or the beat?

With gratitude, I'm excited to be back BuzzMusic! The beat definitely came first. It was produced by myself and female producer shani. I was so caught off guard myself. I was inside forever twenty-one at the Orlando Florida mall downtown on the east coast trying on some clothes. I had the instrumental playing off my iPhone threw my wireless beats by Dre headphones. The shirt I was trying on actually said awesome. That's crazy right! Lol, so I'm in the dressing room saying "designer on the kid I'm so awesome" bopping to the beat and all of a sudden I'm like wait that's a bar!!!! Lol, so that's how the lyrics all started.

The beat has a fantastic kinda retro vibe to it, how were those chiptune sounds created? What was the inspiration behind the beat?

All I know is I had a studio session and Four beats were on my USB thumb drive. Got to the recording session and female producer shani had some of the keys layered up and I was like what's that? I added some kicks and drums and pitched the keys up 3 more bpm's and sped it up and I tried blurting out some melodies at that time I couldn't really catch a vibe so I recorded a song called no mercy that night out of the four beats. I left the studio and on my way home I was playing the arcade baby beat over and over. I told myself I'll listen to it when I go to the mall tomorrow. That's when I ended up in forever twenty-one and the rest was history.

Your rap has a very intricate flow to it that keeps a constant groove, what is your process for coming up with a flow? Do you plan it out? Or do you keep trying new ideas until one works best with the beat?

It's always the first couple of melodies in the first 50 seconds. I know if its just gibberish but I can feel it I go back in and turn some of the scribble into words to make it out smooth. I call that putting milk in the cereal bowl Lol! you feel me Buzzmusic. 

We can’t get enough of each release that we hear of yours, how do you think you have grown as an artist and as a lyricist with every one of your releases?

I'm glad you asked that question. I make simple lyrics seem more complex just by the way I say it. My artistry has grown because my voice has gotten stronger, and my cadences have become more packed with words and groovy sentences instead of repetitive melodies.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

So much more content, cool tunes, more music, and finally music videos so keep on that seat belt. So excited for my fans and those who support me. I can't wait to put some gravy on the rice Lol! Lets gooooooooo.



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