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2Day Makes His Explosive Debut With “Ride

Using music as an outlet for his troubled upbringing, up and coming Toronto based artist 2Day is currently working on his debut project. Growing up he struggled with the issues of growing up in low-income housing, and the battles of alcoholism at a young age. As his only escape, music allowed him to focus on a brighter future as a recording artist. With his debut single “Ride” out now, 2Day is already working on the release of his next single!

An empowering anthem that will make you get up and move, “Ride” boasts tropical pop vibe elements fused with a contemporary new wave sound to create a sound that authentically is 2Day. His expert vocalism flows freely while he weaves through the catchy hook and flawless verses. The lyricism and emotion behind his words is captivating throughout the single and I’d love to know the inspiration behind this track. 2Day’s vocals have motivating undertones layered with confidence and original swagger. “Ride” was dropped right in time for summer and it’s an absolute summer smash! “Ride” is a song that anyone can vibe along to at any occasion. I highly recommend you check it out!

Listen to “Ride” here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

Hi 2Day! Can you start by introducing yourself and telling us more about your launch into music?

I was born and raised in Toronto in a part of the city called Scarborough, i initially started making music at around the age of 14. Primarily when i started out i was doing more Rap music then anything else, music has always really been a huge passion for me and acted as a pretty big escape for me. I was always taking it seriously but unfortunately i didn't really have the right resources available at the beginning of my career to take things to where I needed to, i ended up posting a video on my Instagram page and a pretty major Instagram platform in my city called 6ixbuzz reposted the video which put a lot of attention on me. So once the video went viral people started reaching out and i ended up partnering with an independent label and things have been moving pretty steadily ever since.

“Ride” is a great track! How did you come up with it?

I originally started the melody on another beat, but when i heard the ride beat i thought it would fit better with a higher key and it worked out great. We were initially shopping features for the record and In the meantime i had to put a second verse on it, once i did the verse for the record we played it back and everyone loved it so much that we decided to release it as my lead single.

Who are your top three musical influences?

Ed Sheeran, Gyptian, Sam Smith

How do you feel about today’s mainstream music scene? What makes you stand out?

I find there's a lot of great music right now, but i find that a lot of music is also dishonest and i think we need more real authentic work in the industry.

When can we expect the newest single to drop?

Myself and the label feel really confident in this Ride record and we've just released it so we really want to see how far we can take it before dropping my next single, however i would anticipate we will get another single out before the end of the summer to keep everyone happy!


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