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3LU and Eligy Will Brighten Your Mood With Edm Release “I Still Believe”

Up and coming EDM artist 3LU was born in Ontario and raised in Riverside, California. Having been raised with interest in music, he was determined to become a producer since he was 18 years old. Growing up, 3LU drew inspiration from artists like Illenium, Seven Lions, and Virtual Riot. He was also interested in the sounds of video games such as Metroid, which gives him a unique edge as an EDM artist. Drawing from these influences, 3LU’s goal is to manifest euphoric sounds within each of his songs.

With his new release “I Still Believe,” 3LU and his collaborating artist Eligy have truly created a virtual world of unique and uplifting sounds. The sounds of his backtrack feel like a gentle tide or a flowing creek. Unlike many electronic artists, 3LU shows us that he has a knack for giving us the perfect amount of original sounds without being overbearing. He then winds up expectations by creating a beat that will eventually lead to a climax. The base drop has an intense rhythm, making sure fans are feeling energetic and woke. The electronically produced vocals give the presentation of lyrics a crisp definition. Written for dream chasers, “I Still Believe” reminds us that anything is possible with the right attitude. 3LU spreads a contagious message of motivation and positivity by telling fans to “still believe.”

Be sure to listen to "I Still Believe" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic 3LU! We were uplifted by the lyrics of “I Still Believe.” Can you elaborate on the message you are sending with this song? This song is a reminder to both myself and all other dream chasers that our journeys are going to be long and unforgiving. We will face rejection, hardship, and anxiety every day, but we shouldn’t let that define us. We need to take things that happen in our lives as they are. Regardless of the negativity thrown our way, we must keep striving to be what we're meant to be - happy.

What does the name 3LU represent? Why did you choose this as the stage name for your music? When I was first releasing music, I was using the name BluJae. That name and those songs were meant to be documentation of my progress as a producer. Eventually, that idea became outdated as I became more serious about my craft. I wanted to keep some parts of my old name to hold onto that legacy. Hence, 3LU (blue). Blue is the sky we all reach for. Blue is clarity. Blue symbolizes courage. Blue is the color of collective consciousness and the human spirit.

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Eligy? How were you able to work together and use both of your unique talents to your advantage? Eligy was a huge pleasure to work with. I've known him for a few years from competing in marching percussion at the world-class level so the relationship was already there. His voice is incredible and it fits so well with what I was trying to achieve with my sound that there was no way the song was going to be the same without him. 

You told us that you have been inspired both by the sounds of artists and video games. Can you elaborate on how you incorporate these sounds into your music?

I've always had a deep love and respect for Future Bass music as a whole. For inspiration, I listen to the music from my heroes: Seven Lions, Illenium, and Virtual Riot. I combine that with the ambient, 8-bit soundscape of my favorite game Metroid. This unique expression became the foundation for my sound and I don't think I'll stray too far from that anytime soon.  

What can we expect to see from you throughout the rest of 2020?

You can expect me to shake the world of electronic music. The next thing that comes is something I've been working on for a long time and will be my rise - From the Ashes.


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