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3LU Portrays Great Divergence in EP, 'From The Ashes'

Producer Daniel Palomera Jr, known professionally as 3LU, always had a strong sense of musical intuition.

From an early age, 3LU had been experimenting with multiple different sounds and instruments, often crafting pieces that are exclusive to his own mindset. Exposing himself to electronic music within high school years, 3LU knew that his fiery passion arose with flaming heat, and subsequently kickstarted his career from there.

One of 3LU's most recent collections of music, titled 'From The Ashes', is a collection of four tracks that highlight the very progress he's had artistically across the years. 

3LU starts off his EP with the track titled, "Intro". The contrasting harmony presented within their track conveniently and effortlessly depicts the title of the track. We extract various themes of death and rebirth within this instrumental track, and it holds a certain kind of embryonic embrace, staying true to its essence. The beginning of the track unravels darker piano melodies, which only transcend into a vast array of expressions. 

Setting listeners up in the most affirming way, 3LU continues his EP with "Never Let You Go", honing into a heavy electronic melody. "Never Let You Go" was definitely quite the transition after "Intro", and sparked a luminous entity within this artist's EP. "Never Let You Go" feels energetic and full of inspiration, ultimately following allowing the storyline listeners can easily guess it encapsulates.

Tying in various Deep House synth collections, "Never Let You Go" is a sonic fusion of spacious tempos. This kind of melody and beat remains persistent in the following track, "I Still Believe", but with a subtle ambiance shift. Highlighting some of the darker elements to Deep House music, "I Still Believe" explores dynamically lively spirits, and challenges the very essence of 3LU's music.

We end the EP with "From The Ashes", a track that brings us back towards the themes presented within "Intro". We're venturing along the narrative 3LU brings to light, ultimately sung by artist Eligy.

"From The Ashes" denotes self-worth and the challenges that can arise from the realization of one's self-worth. Within this particular single is where 3LU challenges himself as an artist and displays a certain kind of production that's disparate from any of the songs on this EP. We're left mesmerized by the eclectic and versatile integration of melodies, and 3LU successfully proved his adaptability as a music artist.

All in all, 3LU settled into his EP quite eloquently and showcased a various amount of his progression and style. 

Discover 3LU's EP here

Hello 3LU and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. There was definitely a clear transition between "Intro" and "Never Let You Go". How would you explain this strategy and what kind of ambiance were you hoping to contrast between the two?

The Intro track was something that I wrote in my first year of university 6 years ago. I decided to use it as the Intro track because I think the ambiance perfectly captures the melancholic, rock bottom vibe that I wanted to start with. This EP is about me slowly realizing that I need to change and mature to become the person I want to be. The strategy was to illustrate that feeling then Never Let You Go is supposed to be the beginning of my journey. 

Out of the 4 tracks presented on "From The Ashes", which track felt most affecting to you in terms of your own motives?

The last track was definitely the most meaningful to create and for so many reasons. I am in a significantly better headspace than I was 6 years ago and that was the perfect inspiration for writing it. The piece starts off as sort of a summary (being at war with my mind) then progresses into that exhilarating feeling of burning my old life and mindset to the ground and rising from the ashes completely reborn. This track is and always will be the most sentimental to me. 

What was the driving force that created the necessary influence and inspiration for "From The Ashes"?

I think what started the idea for this project was me having this “come to Jesus” moment with one of my closest friends. We were talking about me and what I’ve done in my life and the people I’ve wronged. We also talked about how to fix all of it. This track is the embodiment of that conversation. 

The last two tracks on the EP featured artist Eligy. How would you describe the level of collaboration between you two for these tracks?

Eligy is an absolute wonder to work with. We’ve been friends for a bit and when I told him I wanted to put him on the last track to make that transition just as seamless as the first two tracks, he didn’t even hesitate in getting started on the vocals. He’s the only other person that truly understands my signature sound and isn’t afraid to step out of the comfort of his own unique, incredible sound. 

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music this year?

Something that’s carried me through my entire development as a producer is perseverance regardless of the outcome. I don’t have the financial luxuries a lot of other mid-tier/top tier artists have. This pandemic has put me out of work so I’ve had to make some sacrifices along with so many other people who have been negatively impacted. What’s allowed me to persevere is the support I get from my friends, family, and fans. Knowing that what I’m doing is working in their eyes has been the biggest inspiration. I’m nothing without every single one of them. 



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