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4 Minutes Later Remain A Mystery, But Their Music Is More Tangible Than Ever

4 Minutes Later had the world asking “Who is 4ML?” before they even released their debut song. The whole purpose of 4 Minutes Later is to show the power of togetherness, to show what can be accomplished when people band together. Our modern-day music industry is so honed in on image and popularity it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on the music. 4ML wants to let the music speak for itself and make the music they love without being bound to one specific genre. 

4 Minutes Later choose to embrace the mystery and excitement and create incredible content that proves music can still be about music. 4ML has garnered a HUGE fan bass, with fans that have grown so increasingly attached to the mystery and music, they are self-named “Laters”. After just over a year of activity, 4 Minutes later have over 13K Instagram followers and an ever-increasing 35k monthly Spotify listeners, all while remaining anonymous. It’s safe to say that they, he, she, or whoever 4 Minutes Later is, is undeniably talented. Absolute highlights from their impressive repertoire include the upbeat and groovy “Terrified” and more thought-provoking singles like “Troubled”. With their debut, self-titled EP out now, you can expect much more from 4ML! 

Listen to 4 Minutes Later here! Keep scrolling for more with 4ML in our interview. 

Welcome back to BuzzMusic 4ML! Congratulations on the release of your new EP! How long has this project been in the works?

Thanks for having us! The EP was in the works for about 11 months  from the start to the release. We love that we had the opportunity to take that time. It allowed us to really take our time, grow as writers, and capture different moments, ups and downs, that we experienced over that time frame. We were also really lucky to work with such a strong team, so we are thankful for that

We’re so happy to see 3 brand new tracks included on this release, which song from your EP would you say BEST describes your musical approach? 

That is a tough question. Our approach to all of them was pretty similar but the fact that each song went in a different direction really speaks to the amount of time we had to write. A lot of the writing and production was done with a team of writers via video calls which was a new experience for us. Our two polar opposite approaches probably lead to the two most similar songs; for “Troubled” we didn’t plan on writing about the mental health struggles we have experienced but it just came out in the moment. Where “Bad Love” our guitarist came in and said, “This is what i want to write about.” Whenever you just write in the moment and let it go where it naturally goes you end up with a  more authentic song. We are pretty proud of what we have with our EP.

“Terrified” is one of our absolute favorites! Despite the upbeat energy, the lyrics seem to hold a deeper meaning. Can you tell our readers about the inspiration behind this track?

Funny you mention it, we are big fans of that combo: Upbeat energy with some what opposite style lyrics. Terrified speaks to a relationship, where you know you’re being used, you know it’s not a good situation, you know you’re going to get left high and dry, but S***, you just can’t say no. Obviously, like the rest of the EP comes from first hand experience, and while it’s an upbeat energetic song, the lyrics really came from a lot of heartache.

“Can You Feel My Bones” and “My Way” really introduce your listeners to a versatile side of 4ML that we’ve never seen before! Do you feel like it’s important to remain versatile in your music? What can you tell us about these songs? 

We really do think it’s important to remain versatile and take inspiration from what our fellow artists are doing too. The last thing we want is to be boxed into a genre. If we decide that we would like to do a barbershop quartet then that is what we will do! The important thing we feel is to not repeat ourselves, always trying to push for a new sound or lyric or way of writing. Chances are if we are bored with it so is everyone else so keeping things fresh is important to us.

 CYFMB was the first song we wrote for the EP and lyrically it shows as the beginning of the relationship that most of the EP follows. Musically for this song, we took inspiration from more modern bass-driven songs with a fun guitar.

 My Way is an anthem. It breaks away from the relationship the rest of the EP follows and is more of a mantra for 4 Minutes Later. For us, it came from the music scene we felt trapped in and it is what 4ML is about. We also think it is a great victory song in general. It really can be a song about whatever you want it to be about but for us one of the most important lyrics is "By the time im dead and gone they wont ignore my way" Its almost as if to say break free from the normal be a leader and be remembered for something.

Your music video for “Bad Love” is incredible! The scene before the last chorus is extremely powerful. What was the concept behind this video? What do you hope your listeners take away from it? 

 Music Videos are a bit interesting for us at this point. A lot of people and fans like to watch music videos not only for the story but to see the artists in a different element. Being anonymous, and not being in the video ourselves, we know we better make it a good story. For Bad Love, we really wanted to challenge ourselves to telling a compelling story using just two actors. With this video we really hoped to capture the essence of the song being Bad Love; It’s not always bad, the good times are really good and that’s what keeps you going back for more… but the bad is bad. Besides the art, the underlining message would be, just because it’s not physical violence or just because it is really good 50% of the time, doesn’t make it a good relationship. Its somewhere we have all been and the harder you try to make it work the worse it gets. you get attached to this false love feeling and it just is not healthy. We hope people can connect with it and really understand what we were going for.

Thank you so much for chatting with us once again! What's next for 4 Minutes Later as we wrap up 2019?

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our music and share it with other people! 2019 is going to continue the way we planned for it at the beginning. 2019 is about laying down all the ground work. It’s like building a house, we have to lay down a solid foundation. So the rest of 2019 is to prepare for a big 2020. Possibly back in the studio again as well before the year is over! Not to hint at anything but we really can not wait to get on the road and meet our fans!


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