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40Groove and Timoteo Cordero Spill Fire With Their Latest Release, "Trife"

The Los Angeles and Seattle-based Artists/Rappers 40Groove and Timoteo Cordero release a bang and a bop with their latest hit, "Trife."

When speaking upon themselves as artists, 40Groove mentioned that he lets his work speak for himself and aims to leave a legacy behind. At the same time, Timoteo Cordero stated that he's continually working to make his sound unpredictable. Teaming up to release their heated single "Trife," the two are carving unique paths of their own.

Through their recent single, "Trife," the boys have made it clear that their sound is never one-note. With punchy bars that strike a rhythmic flow to the head-bopping beat, 40Groove and Timoteo Cordero are charging full-steam ahead into their musical and creative endeavors. Not to mention the natural charisma that the boys have to offer, the song makes for a gripping experience.

"Trife" begins with a plucky and filtered guitar and subtle woodwind instrumentals. As the scorching hot beat drops, the entire production pushes through with incredibly modern aspects that offer intense heat through the vast drum breaks and faint instrumentation. While 40Groove beings delivering his bars with rhythm and clarity, Timoteo Cordero enters the song and provides a rich contrast between both artists' significantly different vocal deliveries.

Both 40Groove and Timoteo Cordero bring immense heat to the song while they continue to rap with dominance and confidence surrounding their natural poise and charisma. What keeps our heads bopping the entire way through is the deftly-produced sonics that gives us a heated Roddy Rich flair.

With each modern aspect of their single, "Trife," 40Groove and Timoteo Cordero have come together to serve the highest of vibes while portraying their textured bars for listeners to rap along with.

We're feeling the heat through your latest single, "Trife." How long was the song in the making? Did you ever go back to tweak and rework parts of the song?

Appreciate the love! We’ve actually been holding on to the song for a while but as far as the creative process, we don’t really overthink it too much. We’ll usually knock out 1-2 roughs per session then send it off to our engineer. Then we'll usually go back and forth with him a few times until we get it right.

Speaking on the rhythmic and fiery flow from both of you within "Trife," what did your songwriting process look like? Did you each write your own bars, or did you help each other out when writing?

We each handle our own parts, some of it's freestyled but we’ll work together on the arrangements sometimes.

Regarding the modern and lively production within your single, "Trife," did you have any fellow Producers help create the song's sonics, or did the two of you take on the song's production as well?

Nah we don’t really produce, we do give a lot of input to our engineers when it comes to the tones, and the overall sound of the records though.

How does your single "Trife" help listeners get to know you and your music better? Do you usually release such Hi-Fi Hip-Hop/Trap bops that keep the listener's toes tapping?

Our last track “Sheets” was meant to be more of a universal mainstream-friendly type of record. With this one, we wanted to show some range so we decided to put out something a little darker to give our catalog some contrast. I guess what you can take from Trife is that no matter what type of song it is the music is always gonna be quality and it’s definitely always going to make them toes tap (haha).

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

So much to be honest, we got a lot of music on the way, music videos, a whole lot of content is on the way for sure. It’s all gonna lead up to a joint project we got coming sometime next year. There’s def gonna be something for everyone on there.


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