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4WRD and Adrian Jauregui Team Up for the Dark-Pop Single of the Year

Hailing from Northern California, artist and producer 4WRD pairs up with singer-songwriter Adrian Jauregui for their cinematic dark-pop/alternative single entitled "YOU."

Owner of the popular indie label SYNC Records, 4WRD, and his prominent background in producing, mixing, and mastering has landed him a notable spot in our modern independent music scene. Working with singer-songwriter Adrian Jauregui for quite some time now, the two creatives recently bulldozed our speakers with their latest hit.

Elaborating on "YOU," the track takes listeners through a bold sonic venture while Adrian Jauregui opens his heart and exclaims his devotion to someone special. Not to mention 4WRD's incredible production and sonic atmosphere, he truly leaves us in awe of the song's powerhouse and groundbreaking sonics.

Jumping into the single, "YOU," we're met with a haunting background pad and shimmering keyboard melodies that rain down from above. As 4WRD's production begins to expand with a pulsating synth, Adrian Jauregui's airy and slightly filtered vocals begin to pour through our speakers while explaining his continuous thoughts of someone's magnetic and captivating presence.

As the sonics slowly expand and increase in anticipation and energy, 4WRD catapults us into the scorching hot beat drop where an electrifying synth soars over our ears alongside the heavy and crashing drum breaks. We love the 2010s feel of this track, as it takes us back to the days where UKF Dubstep ruled our world. As the song comes to a close, 4WRD's dense production and Adrian Jauregui's haunting vocal stylings leave us with nothing but passion and power.

Take a sonic trip with 4WRD and Adrian Jauregui's latest hit, "YOU," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, 4WRD, and Adrian Jauregui. We're truly impressed with the moody and powerful feel of your latest single, "YOU." What inspired the creation of this single? When did you begin executing ideas?

4WRD: I was excited to get Adrian on board and start working with him. His vocals fit well with a wide range of genres, and I had been looking forward to getting a chance to work with him after remixing one of his previous singles "Anymore". After listening through my favorite Spotify playlists looking for decent reference tracks and inspiration, I had finally put together an idea of the vibe I was going for. I sent the idea to Adrian, and he was able to put together vocals for me to work on within under a week. We both work quickly, which I appreciate, and were able to get a decent draft down in a matter of days. Once the full draft had been put together and I received Adrian's finalized vocals, the song went through quite a few more iterations before the final product was released. The ideas never stopped flowing, but we're happy with what we landed on in the end.

How long have you been working with singer-songwriter Adrian Jauregui? Was "YOU" your first official collaboration?

4WRD: Adrian first submitted to my label SYNC Records back at the end of October 2020. We accepted his single "Luv" as his debut release and have enjoyed working and partnering with him ever since. While "YOU" is our first official collaboration, my first experience working with his vocals involved remixing his second SYNC Records release "Anymore". We're planning on working together closely on many more projects in the near future.

Could you take us through your creative process when navigating the mood and atmosphere for "YOU"? Why did you go for this haunting and exhilarating sonic tone?

Adrian Jauregui: Writing for “You” was such an experience within itself, when I first heard the draft 4WRD sent me, I was so immersed, and the writing process just clicked. My writing environment is a huge contributing factor, I created a nostalgic vibe in my apartment and listened to Linkin Park on repeat. I then created this fictional imagination of being obsessed with a girl and began drafting lyrics. When writer's block kicked in, I watched the TV show Sex/Life & YOU on Netflix for writing inspiration.

How does "YOU" represent your sound and style as an artist/producer? Do you typically create such heavy and powerful tunes like this?

4WRD: "YOU" was a slight departure for me from my normal style, however, my style has been constantly evolving and changing over the years and I've really been enjoying this type of sound we were able to create together. My music typically ranges from Trap to Future Bass, to House, but I really loved creating that nostalgic Linkin Park / Sum 41 vibe for this track, and I'm planning on taking more of my music in that direction while still implementing the core EDM vibes as well moving forward. I like big drops, powerful bass, and a good melody, and I plan on keeping that theme going.

What's next for you both?

Adrian Jauregui: It was an absolute pleasure working with 4WRD, we recently landed a placement opportunity on a popular Music licensing library called Audiosockect who works with clients such as Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and more. The future is bright for us both, 4WRD is a great inspiration, Partner, and Friend. We will definitely be releasing more music together, who knows you might even get an EP from us both in the very near future. I’m personally a huge fan of his work and can’t wait to continue working with him. Spoiler Alert, you might even hear our work on an upcoming commercial, television show, or film.

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