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5 questions with Courtney Harris

Hi Courtney, welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell has how being a successful and driven athlete has aided in becoming a musician?

Being an athlete for so many years, you learn a lot of lessons that carry on through the rest of your life. For example, I’ve been the shortest person on my team since I started playing football. I never once allowed that to be an excuse. It taught me to never give up or give in under pressure and how to perform under intense situations. It also taught me how to create my own motivation even when things seem bleak. These important life lessons easily carried over to becoming a musician because not everyone is going to enjoy your music and some people might hate it. It’s so easy to get discouraged and give up when it comes to music. A few months ago, my hard drive deleted every song I ever made so I had to start all over again. But, I know this is what I’m supposed to do and I’ll continue putting in the time so that I can become the musician I was born to be. Can you explain how your career path dramatically changed and how did music became your safe haven? It’s actually crazy because ever since 6th grade, all I wanted to do was be a police officer. During my freshman year of college, I had some family issues going on at home and it was extremely hard for me because it was my first time actually being away from home and it seemed like all I could do was sit and watch it happen. It ate away at me for a while and sooner than later, my emotions started getting the best of me. At the time XXXTentacions album “17” had just dropped and it was literally all the only thing I listened to for 3 months straight. That was the first one I can honestly say I felt his emotions in every single song that was on that album. It helped me get by. One day I was hanging out in my dorm room with my friend Seth; we were talking about music. Then out of the blue, he was like, “let’s make a song on GarageBand”. We spend from around  9:00 PM until we had class the next day working on that song. We had shown all our friends and everybody was vibing to it so from that point, I decided to start my music career.

When you're in a dark place, searching for hope through music. what is your go-to song and artist? Why? Easily, the one and only XXXTentacion. Like I said previously if it weren’t for me listening to “17”, I probably wouldn’t have even started making music. That album had so much influence on me at the beginning of my career. If you had asked me back then who I wanted to be like, I would have told you X. In the beginning, I working on nothing that didn’t sound like an X beat. I wanted to be able to reach people like he did and spread positivity and awareness and to let people know that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes, you know? He was able to go beyond the music. At this point in my career, I’ve adopted a completely different sound, but I still want to incorporate things that I’ve learned from studying his music, interviews, etc. The lyrics in your single "Because I Love You" are really deep and personal. Can you describe the thoughts and emotions you were feeling when you wrote this song? I was going thought it when I wrote: “Because I Love You”. I had actually written the song like ten minutes after I cut all communications with the girl I was talking to (for various reasons lol) at the time. I was listening to some good old Adele and I had thought to myself, “stop singing along to other people’s break up songs and just write your own”. “Because I Love You” is a collection of bad relationship experiences that were triggered because of the situation I was in. It’s actually really funny because there are about 3 different relationships I talk about specifically in that song; each different in their own ways, but it all still came together to make so much sense!  Thanks for chatting with us and telling us about your musical journey! What does the future hold for Courtney?

I’m actually working on a project that I’ll hopefully be able to release before the year ends. I’m also going to be dropping a single in the next week or two, so make sure to follow me on Instagram, SoundCloud, and WAV Media to stay updated on the newest releases and updates! I’ve got big plans for next your so keep a lookout for me all 2020.


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