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5 Questions with Leo No Rhythm

Welcome back Leo No Rhythm! We hear things have been flourishing for you recently. Tell us about any milestones and or accomplishments since your previous feature with us? how has it been?

thanks for having me back much appreciated. And yes actually they really have. Ever since I did my first interview with you all things have been doing well nothing but positive vibes I have gained more Youtube followers not many but my song has gotten a nice amount of play so I'm really honored to be back with another interview.

We hear you are working on releasing some music videos to a few tracks from your EP! do you have any visuals in mind? can you hint to us what we can expect?

yes indeed! I am glad that you asked that question. One of the visuals that I have in mind for my EP is for my song White boy gnarly ft Jah the black hippie and pretty much what I have in mind for this visual is a scene at the skate park where I'll be chilling rolling some trees during my verse and I want to have people in the back skating doing tricks I also went to get a couple shoot's at kick back/club pretty much what you can expect is a rocket power feel

Detail us a little bit about your current project "Hippie Love Story". What was the ultimate inspiration behind this?

okay so pretty much hippie Love story is a project that is to help people self reflect and be one with themselves. I would say the ultimate inspiration for this project was for me to show the world that you can make music that does not have to fit society to be great. I wanted to express on how I feel about love peace and vibes. 

Have you faced any challenges during the creation of this? how did you overcome the obstacle?

actually to be completely honest with you yes I did I was originally supposed to drop a project as a 12 track album but I ran across some issue with booking studio time and miscommunication with artist that was supposed to be on features. So the way that I over came this obstacle is I decided that I would break the album up into 2 separate EPs instead of pushing back my release date for a second time. But in all honesty I think it's better this way the fans are not complaining.

Anything else you want our readers to know about Leo No Rhythm?

yeah anybody interested in being apart of the white boy gnarly music video contact me through Instagram also currently looking for a marketing team and management.


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