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5 Questions with Untdld

Welcome to BuzzMusic Untdld! tell us about your background in Philadelphia! have you ever felt inspired by your environment?

I’ve actually been in Philly for 5 years now. The art, music, culture and history inspires me along with how hard my peers work on their music. There are so many local artist out here that I’ve grown to enjoy.

Knowing you're aiming to create change with your music, mind detailing to us about the change you're seeking? Is it in music or society wise?

Both music and society. I think in music their isn’t a lot of substance. It’s cool to turn up but what about the dude or girl that’s abusing substances or even themselves to “escape” the pain their living in? How do you reach them? Music is so powerful and my prayer is that my music touches someone. It doesn’t have to be a lot of people just someone then I’ve done my job and by doing some that can effect our society. 

After listening to your single "Noise" we felt super connected to the song. What was the message behind this track?

Noise is personal. It first started with a teaching my pastor taught called Noise. He was pretty much comparing obstacles, setbacks, etc. as noise or things that can cloud Gods voice. For example, God has heard us but the symptoms you face says other wise, that’s noise. I went home and started writing. During the writing process me and my wife started facing some issues with finances. Seemed like more was going out than coming in. During that I rewrote the song and found different production. I wanted to encourage myself that even during these hard times block out the “noise” because a breakthrough is on the way. Focus on that

What emotion did you channel in while writing "Noise"? Was it challenging?

The scenario was challenging and trying to formulate it into words was tough. I literally just cut my mic on, closed my eyes and just spilled my heart.

What's next for you Untdld? 

Since you asked, I am working on project. I can’t reveal the title yet lol. But it is going to be something special. I feel like this is my best work. I’ve grown a lot and I’ve found my sound and it’ll be evident on this project. There will be a couple of music videos and a release concert in Philly. The time frame is to be decided.


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