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7Descent Delivers A Flawless Cover Of The Five Stairsteps, "Ooh Child"

Integrative rock/soul band 7Descent are known for their uncomplicated approach to music. They collectively resonate with a heavy, yet poised sound and desire for their music to represent the real grit they know themselves to possess.

Comprising of members Ed Taylor on guitar, Ishmael Herring on lead vocals, Andrew Cremmins on drums, and Brian Coffey on bass, 7Descent is truly the collective work of 4 individuals that share a similar passion for the art of sound.

7Descent has released its twist on the timeless classic, "Ooh Child" by The Five Stairsteps. The drive to cover this specific song comes from the tragic and heartbreaking loss of guitarist Ed Taylor's parents. The love and heart that's felt throughout their cover will persist in many ways, which we can't wait to hear in more of their original songs.

That expected hosting and bustling melody of "Ooh Child" is set from the start, propelling listeners into a sea of free-spirited waves. With a soulful performance by 7Descent, the heart they're able to put up is undeniably strong and affecting.

There's a grand impact left by the band, mostly due to their energy being authentically bright, as well as their mission to connect, inspire and uplift listeners through the power of music.

Welcome, 7Descent! Thanks for joining us and congratulations on the release of the band's "Ooh Child" cover. We're sorry to hear about the passing of Ed Taylor's parents. The heart-wrenching loss was surely a difficult time for the band. With the cover being released, how are our emotions settling in now with you all, especially Ed?

We recorded the track in May of 2021 a little over two months after my parents passed and to this day I still get emotional listening to it. The emotional feelings it brings to me take me back to that time when I was hopeless.

What were some hopes you all had going into the recording of "Ooh Child"? Once you all heard the final product of your cover, what were your reactions? Did the cover meet all of your expectations?

The final cut of the cover exceeded my expectations. I've heard several renditions of this iconic song and we are proud of the cover that we produced. I want to give a special thanks to the guys in the band and also guest performers on the track Kevin Lee Mcbride, Peter Gallinari, Cat Fritchman, and Chelsea Fuller. Everyone did an amazing job on this track and I am eternally grateful.

Can you share what you all hope your audience feels after listening to your cover?

First, my hope is that this song touches other people's hearts that have gone through the tragedy of losing their loved ones to Covid19. "Ooh Child things are gonna get easier" " Ooh Child things are gonna get brighter" "Someday yeah we'll get it together and we'll get it undone" "Someday yeah we'll walk in the rays of the beautiful sun" "Someday when the world is much brighter " These lyrics are what music is all about. These lyrics are what inspired me to cover this song with my band, They gave me hope. I hope they help others. The lyrics with that beautiful melody are what made me cry like a baby when I heard the song shortly after my parents died. When I was listening to the song, I felt the lyrics were being spoken to me through my parents. I felt as if my parents knew the pain I was suffering from losing them and they were trying to comfort me. Sometimes music can bring you to tears and this one definitely did. I truly hope that this song helps others who have experienced the untimely passing of a loved one, especially one's mother or father.

Does the band plan to release music shortly?

We are going to be releasing a video "Behind the Song" for this project. Yes, we have plenty of our original tracks that have yet to be released. 8 or 9 of them actually. We have enough original material to release a full album which is our goal this year. With the short attention span of listening to music these days we felt it was best to release them more like a slow drip rather than all at once. Stay tuned!

What's next for you?

I'm still trying to get back to what normal was before this whole pandemic. As tragic as the story of my parent's passing was, I was dealing with other critical issues during that time. My brother Chris was in the same hospital with covid when my parents passed, my 17-year-old daughter Sarah was in ICU at Vanderbilt's children's hospital. I also had covid along with my youngest daughter Kaylee and their mother Rhea. With Covid still so prevalent I very much live in fear of reliving that nightmare. I've been in and out of deep depression in this last year and look forward to daily life can feel normal again.


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