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9Loc Creates His Own Style With His Latest Single “Lil $acrifice”

9loc aka Cloud9 of NinjaLoc is an recording artist, producer, studio engineer, designer and promoter who actually founded “NinjaLoc”. 9loc specializes in the Trap/Rap genre with a more darker, sinister flow and approach. with his explicit lyrical content and music video content constantly pushing the boundaries of Censorship, 9loc has been dubbed "a rising sensation within the Underground" by Underground FIX Magazine as well listed as an "Artist to Watch" by both MTV Hits & Revolt.

9Loc released his single titled “Lil $acrifice” featuring the artist Zombie Aristocrats. The genre of hip-hop is highly diverse and doesn’t really have a specific singular surface lane for artists. Therefore, it’s great for rappers to explore variations of delivering the style of hip-hop and some find their own lane and artistry that separates them from other rappers. “Lil $acrifice” is completely UNCOMMON from any other single you’ve ever heard before. The vocals from the rappers are slightly muffled that makes it hard to hear the lyrics clearly but you find yourself loving it. It’s like “wow this is absolutely different” and the head-banging bass has you shook. “Lil $acrifice” is the hidden gem in an overcrowded rap culture where everything is starting to sound the same.

9Loc creates his own unique style and rebrands the genre of “Dark Trap”. In my personal opinion, I believe 9Loc could be a huge success and a representation of something fresh and new in hip-hop. He doesn’t move with the boundaries of rap, instead he pushes and exceeds past it. Creating his own wave to ride and surfacing his own lane, separate from the competition. “Lil $acrifice” is a song where you’re unsure on how to intake the idiosyncratic style and eerily haunting aura in the beginning, however you’re quickly initiated into the production and become intrigued by every element of the record.

Listen to “Lil $acrifice” here and get to know 9loc in our interview below!

What inspired you to create “NinjaLOC” ? mind telling us a little bit about it?

well let’s see, I Began to form NinjaLOC back in 2007, after recording my first couple of rap-metal albums under the name “Cloud9”. I’ve always had an enduring passion for Music, as well as an ear for talent & being native to the SF Bay Area, and there has always been a thriving music scene here with some sort of local music event or concert constantly being thrown or hosted nearby. Thus I started building a team of the freshest Emcees & lyricists I could find in California.

What’s the theme of “Lil $acrifice” ?

The theme of Lil $açrifiçe, as well as the entire Suicide Kit 3 Ep (lil $açrifiçe ; lil Poltergeist & lil Jigsaw) was meant to, in a sense..mock the constant trends that mainstream society and the rap culture in general tend obsess with. 

Are there any music influences of yours that inspired your artistry today?

I personally grew up on the metal scene (ie nu-Metal, death metal; black metal) namely acts like Korn /Jonathan Davis , White Zombie , Early Slipknot , to more darker black Metal groups , untill high School when I was introduced to Darker style Rap like Esham The Unholy, Natas , OG Dark Lotus ;Tech N9ne & Strange Music, old school hardcore Geto Boys; OG 36 ect ect.

Describe your songwriting approach and the perfect environment for you?

Honestly, I write my best when I’m at my worst. I suffer from Bipolar Depression Which tends to be a double edged sword, I go on streaks of writing non stop, but thriving in the depression can bring you to some pretty dark places.

What’s next for you through 2019?

My Suicide Kit, Vol. 4 ep drops soon, And been mainly focusing on a new NinjaLOC Supergroup involving the entire Roster called “☥ßlvçk Mvgiçk Syndiçvte☥” Which will be soon releasing a 6 album EP Series called The “End Of Times” Collection


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