A 15-Year-Old Artist Who's About to Take the Industry by Storm, Stella Prince

Hi, Stella Prince! Can you describe the message of your original song “Half of Me?”

"Half of Me" talks about the emptiness that so many people are feeling now. Although I generally am a confident person, there is a part of me that feels completely alone and vulnerable, and I'm aware of a vast number of people that share that sense of despair, so I decided to write a song about it.

You specialize in the folk genre when you create your original music. What part about this genre is alluring to you? What inspires you to make this type of music?

I was exposed to all different types of musical genres growing up, but the one that really spoke to me the most was folk. Folk music has a wide range that can encompass both pop and country, without being limited to one exact thing. It fits my personality the best because it is direct and to the point, genuine and yet emotionally powerful.

At age 15 you have already been performing and competing across the country with your original songs. Can you tell us how you manage to juggle all of these responsibilities while still maintaining the traditional roles of a 15-year-old (education, family, friends)?

It definitely gets harder each day as my career builds and my to-do lists become more detailed. When I began doing music seriously at age thirteen, songwriting and recording demos, etc., I focused mainly on music and school. Now, at fifteen, my music career has definitely mounted and I find myself busier than ever before. But as my career is growing so is my ability to juggle my responsibilities.  So I just do more of everything now.

We know that you are a member of ASCAP, NSAI, and Global Songwriters Connection. Can you explain to us what these are, and why they are an important part of your life? Organizations such as these are a crucial part of a musician's life. The mentoring and advice I have received through them has been very important for gaining info and insight into the music world, which would otherwise be confusing and overwhelming. The connections I continue to make are so important. I am learning so much through them!

What can we expect to see from Stella Prince throughout 2020?

Definitely a lot more music will be developed this year. At some point, I'll be releasing a few songs on streaming platforms. Honing my craft and performing as much as I can are my main goals. I'm really excited about my New York City debut, which will be June 1st at the famous Bitter End. And I'm planning to be back in Nashville to play at a couple of venues and have some meetings with publishers this spring. So a lot of exciting things are coming up in 2020.

Connect with Stella Prince and stream "Half Of Me" here.