A Beautiful New Single By Rising Singer-Songwriter Megan Steinke

Megan Steinke is an independent singer/songwriter from San Jose, CA. She started writing songs & performing after realizing her passion at the age of 17, and now uses her unique jazzy pop voice to share a message of authenticity, positivity, and faith. Megan took piano lessons growing up and later fell in love with playing guitar in high school, influenced by artists like Corinne Bailey Rae, Lianne La Havas, and Norah Jones! Her first single off the highly anticipated album "Another Side" is a mixture of chill guitar and vocals, featuring Megan's younger sister Rachel Steinke (song available on all platforms). She wrote this song based off of the all-too familiar experiences of just wanting to be close with someone, but feeling stuck in line, stuck waiting. Megan writes and produces all of her own music, and has collaborated with a variety of other rising artists for the 2019 album "Another Side."

"Another Side" by Megan Steinke describes the close bond and relationship abundantly apparent between her and her sister. As shown in the video released, you can tell how strongly bonded they are with one another. You can hear in the emotive lyricism and visual narrative that her sister is so close to her, their bond is almost unbreakable. It contributes to her artistic vision, as said in her description, and gives us an impression of what she’s about and who she is as an artist. It's authentic nature carries out something more genuine for her listeners to connect with on a deeper level farther than a simple music to ear connection. Her ability to display great chemistry within the song while maintaining its mainstream, marketable image was something fascinating to see!

Listen to "Another Side" here and check out our interview with Megan Steinke below!

Photo by Lassen Valley Photography

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey guys, my name’s Megan Steinke (stine-key) and I’m a singer/songwriter from San Jose, CA. I’m definitely influenced by jazz and soul music (think Corinne Bailey Rae, Norah Jones, and so many others), and have been performing across California with my semi-hollow body guitar and keyboard. As for lyrical inspiration, I draw from my personal experiences, my faith, and my optimism in life.

When was the exact moment you felt music was the lane for you?

I actually started writing music at age 17 (about 4 years ago) all because of a gift I wanted to give to my mom for Christmas. My sister and I wanted to make a homemade CD, so we recorded some Christmas songs with a starter mic my dad got us. I figured I’d try and write one of my own songs to add to the gift, and it kind of came naturally to me! I’ve been writing ever since, and I’ve been growing so much musically along the way.

Out of all of your musical influences, who do you think hold the strongest impact on your artistry today and why?

I think Norah Jones is a big influence to my style; I grew up listening to her, along with a lot of other great jazz artists. “Sunrise” by Norah is such a beautiful, nostalgic song for me especially because my dad introduced it to me. Another great influence to me musically has been Corinne Bailey Rae; I used to just listen to her CDs in the car over and over again, and I love her soul along with her unique style.

We interpreted from “Another Side” that both you and your sister are undeniably tight! Do you cherish your bond with your family?

I can’t deny that my sister and I are absolute best friends. We used to bicker a lot growing up (as kids do), but now I really cherish our friendship. I can talk to her about anything, and I’m so thankful to have her in my life. I also love my older brother so much, and of course my parents who have helped me along the way. We all can bond over music, and we also support each other in life decisions and in our faith. I’ve always loved singing in church growing up (and now), so I’ve been blessed with a passion for singing; it just took me a while to realize I was decent at it.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your music career so far?

Quite a few things have been challenging, with the most being getting exposure for my music; it’s definitely a slow process. That ties in with another challenge, which is doing basically everything myself. I record my music (in my room for the most part), coordinate with other artists, do online marketing, reach out to venues, set up gigs, and stay engaged with people all the time online. It’s a lot, but I really do enjoy the marketing side of things. It’s just all about making good connections and friendships.

How did you find inspiration to write “Another Side”?

Honestly the inspiration for the musical foundation, the chords, came from a collaboration with a friend of mine. At a summer internship, Ryan McGavin and I became friends, and he ended up sending me some of the stuff he was producing. One of the tracks was so smooth and I loved it, so I ended up making this song “Another Side” as an acoustic-ish version. The original version will be coming out with the rest of the album in early 2019, which is much more electronic. As for the lyrics, I was just inspired by the feeling of wanting to get on that deeper intellectual level with someone, but also feeling like there are barriers. This song also portrays the mood of being a little down, and feeling everyone else seems to be successful and happy on the outside.

Was it easy for you to channel in your emotions for this single?

At first, when I made the lyrics they seemed a little superficial to me. I was playing around with wording, and some of the phrases were almost filler to get a rhyming line. That’s kind of how it goes sometimes, you make a melody and add some words to figure it out. But over a little time I realized that the lyrics were coming from a deeper place, of things I’ve felt at different times in my life. Wanting to see the other side of someone, and thinking about them a little too much, has definitely been a part of my experience.

What are 3 things you'd love your fans to know about you?

The first is that I absolutely am thankful to God for my gifts, it’s really an undeserved blessing that I can enjoy singing and also be good at it. The second is that I really love humor. I think it’s such a fun way to connect with people, and I’m not going to deny that I think I’m pretty hilarious. The third is that right now I’m actually studying Graphic Communication at Cal Poly (in San Luis Obispo), and so I’ve really enjoyed visual design. I actually designed and built my music website (www.megansteinke.com), which I’m super proud of.

What's next for you in 2019?

New album!! I’m stoked for the full album, “Another Side” to come out in February of 2019. I’ll be releasing one more single in January (to follow up “Everywhere You Go,” which I released in Nov. 2018). After that I’ll be trying to play music across California more, but it’s all pretty up in the air as I’m graduating from school this year.

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