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A Bold and Successful Year for London Breakout Star: Margot White

As London's Indie/Pop breakout artist, Margot White brings an unusual and compelling sound with her 2019 releases. She's always been surrounded by eclectic mixes, stimulating that eccentric vocal sounding within her music. Margot White brings about an integrative harmony that complements itself once executed. When we take a look through what she's accomplished artistically over 2019, we see an impressive tracklist filled with divergent melodies and consummation.

Taking a closer look at the theme present in the tracks Margot White consolidates, we conclude that her sound is wide-ranging within the Indie/Pop category. This is predominantly shown through her 2019 EP release "I Saw it on the Radio".

"Time of Your Life" contains airy and atmospheric indie elements tied in with her innocent-sounding vocalism. The general ambiance of the track maintains a lighthearted tone. We most definitely felt her utmost composure and sense of tranquility throughout the track. Another track we saw this year from Margot White was "Face to Face". The characteristics of this track differ immensely from what we heard in "Time of Your Life". Margot is bringing a more sultry and confident tuning with "Face to Face", combined with light elements of autotune to create an exasperating effect with her projected lyricism. Looking at other notable releases this year, Margot White's "Electric Wolf" brings us back to that serene and laidback nature. Margot uses this track to showcase elements of her artistry that the previous ones didn't get a chance to.

It's as if Margot White takes us on an experience of her artistic abilities through her releases this year--each one highlighting a contrasting feature of Margot White's skills. All in all, "Electric Wolf" was one of our favorites, and this is because the track offers that reminiscent-like feel for us, a type of sensitivity that you can only understand if you give the track a listen.

Listen to Margot White's 2019 releases here!

Hi there Margot White! Congratulations on your 2019 as an artist! The year saw a few track releases from you, notably "Time of Your Life", "Face to Face" and "Electric Wolf". Out of those three releases, which track did you resonate with the most?

Hey! Thanks very much.  Well, I think the more obvious answer to this would be “Face to Face”, only due to the fact that so much energy was put into it creating the music video, and it has sort of a larger scale production feeling to it; but honestly Time of Your Life, I think will always have a really strong hold on me, and I resonate with it the most out of the three.  It represents quite a magical state of mind that I was able to capture effectively after an experience with meditation that opened a lot of doors for me mentally and spiritually.  I was also super in love whilst writing it, which is always a nice feeling to infuse into a song. 

What steps did you take throughout this year to ensure that your artistic execution was as authentic as it could be?

Hm.  I actually don’t think that is something I worry about too much, especially in the more intimate stages of creating music.  I think I am just either too stubborn or strange for that to ever be an issue, haha.  I think also being a perfectionist is really helpful, because I can obsess over minute details and that really serves to preserve a song’s integrity. Also, I find myself just living in worlds of music that I love very much through my imagination, and I really investigate those places for courses of action, like what would so and so do in this situation?  This is actually really helpful to me


"Electric Wolf" stimulated a ton of our senses as we listened through. The melody was extremely alluring! Where did the inspiration stem from in order to curate this type of environment for listeners?

Oh cool!  That is great to hear.  It was a fun song to create, and a lot of layers contributed to the overall outcome, which is I think what you’re speaking to about the sense stimulation.  It’s not immediately apparent, but it was a Simon and Garfunkel song that got the acoustic riff intro going, and then there are a lot of Beach Boys references, lyrically and sonically through the track.  I’m obsessed with Brian Wilson’s sense of sound, so he’s always there in my music, but definitely more so on Electric Wolf.  Also part of the actual meaning of the song came from a place of immense sadness for a family member I care deeply for, and the sort of existential questions that result from such intense feelings, so yeah, it’s just meant to sound like you’re being taken right out this world and into outer space.  Like a weird mix of comfort through dissociation, I guess the sort of thing that happens when people experience something traumatic. This is meant to be represented by the phrase ‘electric wolf’ as well, because the ‘wolf’ is a metaphor for a tool that our modern technology created for mental hospitals that was meant to help people, but ended up being used abusively in the sixties.  But the song does hold a double meaning, and the other side of it is talking about someone I really admire and their truly special perspective on the world, and that’s why I think the narrative might come across as more romantic at first.

The sound of your voice is incredibly mystic and light, a part of your sound that we can't look past. What type of pivotal elements of your music do you think complement that vocal delivery the best?

Oh cool, that is a beautiful compliment, thank you! I’m not sure any specific elements of my music complement that delivery the best, I think I just really love taking any musical situation and creating these little microcosms of focus for vocal delivery.  Any musical phrase is an opportunity for exploration, so I definitely take advantage of that.  If anything, maybe moments where I feel particularly passionate about a lyric, or a moment in a song that is meant to convey something extremely subtle, those are fun places to go.

We've heard that 2019 also saw the release of your poetry book, "The Fortune of a Fairy". Talk to us more on the poetry side of your artistry, and how the development and foundational inspiration came to be with this book?

Yes, super excited about the book!  It was definitely a natural course of action, the book alongside the EP.  I just kept seeing reflections of the music when I would be working on the manuscript with all of the papers all over the floor.  Little fragments of lyrics here and there in the poetry, and equally the poetry influencing so much of songs like Electric Wolf — there is actually a poem with the same title in the book.  The poetry side of my artistry is really fun, as I came to it naturally when I was about nine because of some contest with a great toy as the first prize.  I knew I was going to win it somehow, and after getting that confirmation of victory I’ve just never looked back, haha.  But yeah, it’s a great frame of reference for creativity because it can be as structured and traditional as you want to take it, or it can be malleable and fluid and incredibly modern if necessary.

Thanks for talking with us and our readers about your music, along with a few other personal details! What are you up to artistically now that this year is coming to an end?                             Thank you very much.  Right now I am currently working on a few side projects as a songwriter for others before I go back into the studio in January.  I will be recording some singles I will be releasing to follow up my EP, so just getting a really solid feel for the course of action and artistic intent I want to move into 2020 with.



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