A Bright and Artistic Year With Lyndon Laveaux

The Miami-bred rapper, Hip-Hop artist and songwriter Lyndon Laveaux peels back the many layers of 2020. With help from his tight circle of friends and fellow artists, Lyndon Laveaux made the most of 2020 with his various artistic ventures.

A couple of notable achievements that Lyndon Laveaux has seen this past year were reaching 100k streams on Spotify for the well-received single "Ay Papi," with the first lady of Swaggfia and long-time friend, Disanti. Also releasing the first track off his upcoming album, "Earn The Title," Lyndon Laveaux mentioned that this song was a step up for him.

Produced by his close friends within the producer group, The Track Burnaz, Lyndon Laveaux stated that he felt a hint of pressure when working with them, merely due to the group's success and wanting to live up to their expectations. Securing his position as an MC, Lyndon Laveaux also released "Aphrodite," produced by TB, with a sound message of requited love and respect.

Also releasing the fun and upbeat single, "8," Lyndon Laveaux mentioned that the haunting and aggressive production by Nathan Bankston inspired him to write and show his artistic versatility. Following this track up with the more sensual piece, "After Dark," Lyndon Laveaux expressed his desires while explaining that he enjoys being sensual with his lyrics, almost making love to the music itself.

Paying homage to the dancers that liven the nightlife with his single, "Delicious," produced by Emmy Nominated producer Silver Screens, Lyndon Laveaux felt inspired by the dark and seductive production to base his lyrical content on the celebration of strippers in Hip-Hop culture.

As Lyndon Laveaux gears up for the release of his forthcoming album, 'Earn The Title,' be sure to familiarize yourself with his vast discography on all streaming platforms.