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A Conversation With The Mind And Heart, Discover Victoria Barral's New Single "Not The Way You Want"

From Dallas, Pennsylvania, the pop artist Victoria Barral brings us her new single, "Not The Way You Want It."

Victoria Barral is a 22 years old singer and songwriter with a prolific talent for creating music that crosses R&B, Pop, and other genres. She has been training her musical skills since she was 7, learning to play the classical piano. Thus, she has been perfecting her craft for 15 years now.

"Not The Way You Want It" is a pop single with elements from hip-hop and electronic music. This song is about the fight against anxiety, that monster that captures happiness and determination. But, like all monsters, anxiety gets more menacing at night. "Not The Way You Want It," tells the story of a night in a storm of emotions through the lens of music.

Victoria Barral's vocals are light and melodic, making you breathe the lyrics. The instrumentals make you feel like you are floating in a dark sea, vulnerable while immersing you in Victoria Barral's story. Her words are relatable and can bring up memories of challenging times. But music and emotion can help you heal. Music can help you reflect on how you're feeling in a way you can't describe yourself.

Hit the play button and experience the cathartic effects of listening to "Not The Way You Want It."


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