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A Crystal Clear Moment Returns With An Enchanting Pop Single, “We Come Around (Pray For Serenity)

A Crystal Clear Moment returns with an enchanting new pop single, “We Come Around (Pray For Serenity),” signaling a new chapter for the project with the addition of singer Emmy Apetrea. Emmy’s voice imbues the music with an undeniable soulful and emotional resonance.

This new offering continues the project’s tradition of well-produced, melodious pop while elevating the sound to a more mature and luxurious level. The arrangement is ambitious and intricate, blending semi-electronic soundscapes with a mix of programmed 80s synths and live instrumentation. They’ve melded the essence of the 80s with modern electronic elements, crafting a rich tapestry of pop production. The result is an evocative and captivating track that showcases the group’s growth and expanding sonic horizons.

Tobbe Fall’s electric guitar and grand piano work complement Emmy’s ethereal vocals, creating a dynamic interplay that enhances the listening experience. With music and lyrics penned by Fredrik and Rickard Abrahamsson, and Gary Fleming, “We Come Around” showcases this talented collective's creative synergy.

The universe has a way of creating these perfect alignments, and Rickard Abrahamsson discovered Emmy at Benny Andersson’s studio was indeed A Crystal Clear Moment. The combined forces of Tobbe Fall’s electric guitar and grand piano intertwine with Emmy’s vocals, creating this beautiful, danceable, feel-good song that feels like summer is just around the corner. The creative energy of Fredrik Abrahamsson, Rickard Abrahamsson, and Gary Fleming pulsates through every note, and it’s beautiful.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Emmy; how does becoming part of this journey with A Crystal Clear Moment feel? How has your presence contributed to the creative energy of the project?

I feel lucky, and it’s been such a fun ride to be part of this journey with A Crystal ClearMoment. I think the whole team, especially Rickard, always had a very Crystal clear vision of what they wanted to do with the song. My role was to listen in, understand the musical language and see the vision to implement that in the vocals and the creative energy, which I think went very well.

You guys have tapped into something special with “We Come Around (Pray For Serenity).” Can you speak to the creative direction of the project at this moment?

There are no rules or boundaries. We always wanted to be free of external influences, let our own creative minds take the reins, and just run with it. Each project member is encouraged to be brave and rely on their own intuition, and each member is encouraged to be open enough to allow everyone to contribute.

Rickard, I dig how you can balance being a CFO and still dive deep into your musical passions. Can you share how you find harmony between these two worlds? ‘

I don’t find it; the harmony finds me. Without the one, I can’t do the other. And my journey as a CFO helps me to be structured enough to focus on my musical passion.

Your debut album, “Arms Remain Open,” and its singles resonated with me due to how uplifting and danceable the music is. What’s your vision for the future, and how do you plan to continue sharing your message of love and growth with the world? Stay open-minded, develop as a songwriter and producer, and be true to myself.

We're interested in how you guys create together as a collective. Can you give us insights into your creative process in the studio? There is nothing more fantastic and uplifting than working with musicians with much more experience and talent than myself. When we enter the room together, we start building our work; my job is to make sure everyone brings their A-game, and when they do that, the sky is the limit.

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