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A Driven Artist, Mo_B1 Released His Single Titled “Heartbreaker”

Born in Ottawa, Canada, the city’s capital, Mo_b1 was adopted at 6 months old to a loving family from North Bay, Ontario. Starting off an athlete, Mo_B1 excelled in sports and felt as if this is his league. Having coached everywhere in Canada, he can comfortably say that he’s one of the best in the country at independent skill development. Mo_b1 wrote his first song at the age of 17 to a beat originally performed by Lil Wayne and the game called “My Life”. It was a magical and memorable experience for the artist, and he loved the feeling of creating a song upon its completion. He became immensely addicted to songwriting, and get this! Wrote a song a day for a consecutive 365 days! Amazing right? Multi-talented with both coaching and writing, Mo_b1 is ready for the big stage and to tackle on the industry by storm!

Mo_b1 released his single titled “Heartbreaker” and the beat was sizzling, while the vocals in the hook were poignant, with an infectious melody. His delivery had a polished approach which gave a level of professionalism to the artistry of Mo_b1. His deftly-produced record was not only eclectic, but relentless and reliably-solid. The rhythmic notion of the beat is great for car-rides and parties, which adds a mainstream appeal to the record’s delivery. “Heartbreaker” could be interpreted in various different lyrical meanings which makes this song one of a kind! You can’t stick this into one genre of music nor try to surface detect the meaning of the lyrics. Instead, everything is more detailed, as it should be. The enigmatic record is expansive in dynamics, while articulating the verses in a sophisticated way. Mo_b1 as an athletic coach, understands the definition behind detail and practice, therefore I wasn’t shocked one bit when I heard how finely-calibrated this record was. Mo_b1 is a hardworking artist in who I wish great success towards, but doubt he needs my wishes because his talent speaks for itself! Looking forward to what’s next from this promising young rapper.

Listen to "Heartbreaker" here and get to know more about Mo_b1 below!

Between sports and music, do you have a personal preference?

Personally, I thrive off of challenges, and music has been a challenge for me from the begining. We all know the things we learn early in life become innate (second nature) much quicker than things we learn as young adults. I started sports at age 6, through my youth I was heavily emersed in competitive swimming, basketball and Olympic Weightlifting. I was a well rounded athlete for many years it became easy for me at an early age. Music on the other hand is a different story, I never played an instrument or sang in choir, I didn't get my first hip hop CD until I was 10 years old (The Eminem Show), I had no idea rap was what I wanted to do until I was 17. It presented a challenge to be creative, and it presented an opportunity for me to learn more about a culture I was frankly very unfamiliar with. I had to work so hard at writing, recording, and performing it has molded me into the artist I am today. That being said, I have a long way to go and there is still more to learn, and that's what I like, continuous growth. It's like the math teacher that failed math, then works hard to eventually pass successfully, is going to be a better educator than the math teacher that got straight A's from the begining, because that math teach that failed knows how to work through the problems, and has a better understanding of the barriers presented in math. So, personally, I prefer music, strength comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't

In what ways has your coaching experience benefit your musical abilities?

Coaching requires leadership, confidence, patience, all things that can be beneficial for artists. As a leader you need to develop certain qualities that you hope to instil in your athletes. As an artist you are the leader, you want to instil positive qualities in your fans and the people you are around. Being a leader starts with believing in yourself, basketball made me believe. When I rap on the mic whether performing or in the studio, I have a sense of confidence, that has been built through playing sports and specifically coaching basketball. Additionally, I have been blessed to have developed the virtue of patience. I've been writing since 2008, and I just dropped my first single this year. I've waited 11 years, to share my art. The way I look at is, failure to prepare is preparing to fail. In the words of Nipsey Hussle "Opportunity, Preparation, when they meet, it's nice."

Tell us about “Heart Breaker” what’s the theme behind this?

Heart Breaker deals with the other side of love, which is loss. In the hook I end by saying "she had to choose heart break or heart breaker," this line defines what happens in virtually every break up. There is always someone going through heart break while the other person is the heart breaker, two different ways of handling a break up. I wrote this about and ex girlfriend, she loved me and I loved her, she chose heart breaker, leaving me with a broken heart.

What inspired you to write this song, or in what ways could you relate to it?

This song is directly related to my ex girlfriend. We had a difficult break up, for both of us, we had no closure to our relationship, due to the way it ended, and Heart Breaker was how I began making sense of everything. I wrote this song, in part, because I had recently finished a performance in Kensington Market, in Toronto, where I saw incredible artists, who were so creative and talented it pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, again, another challenge. Heart Breaker is me, I've seen it, I've lived it, I am Heart Breaker.

What’s next for you Mo_B1?

I've got alot in store for everyone. Heart Breaker is the first single off of Ms. Waithe The Mixtape (named after the aforementioned ex girlfriend), dropping June 24th, 2019. Other singles off the mixtape include Manic and Cotton Candy which are available now everywhere (12 Track Mixtape). This summer I am dropping a Triology Album called Devil Sent To Heaven. There will be 3 episodes (EP's I'm calling episodes) 6 songs each episode, 18 tracks total. The project is fully recorded and nearing completion. In the Fall of 2019 I'm dropping an 8 track project called Wedding Szn, which is sure to be a different vibe. Then to ring in the new year 2020, I'm dropping a 10-12 track Album called Married To The Game. Expect approximately 50 new tracks from Mo_B1 before the new year. Thanks BuzzmusicLA, let em know, ride the wave or get sunk! It's Mo_B1! 


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