A Dynamic Duo Taking the Industry by Storm: SUREFIRE

SUREFIRE is proving to us all that sometimes the best bandmate is your own blood! This sibling duo is breaking down all the barriers that stand in their way from success. They’re a pop-rock duo established in 2017, hailing all the way from Pennsylvania. Although both of them are two different individuals, they somehow blend perfectly well together to bring an infectious and powerful track to your speakers with a big-time punch on stage. Fronted by Natalie’s powerful, magnetic voice, often compared to the likes of Pat Benatar and Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine), supported by our collective uniquely intertwined songwriting, they bring a collection of original songs that we hope take you on a ride and make your head bop! SUREFIRE strategically plans their music.

At the start of 2019, they originally intended to release 3 singles titled “Cars”, “Ghost”, and “Say”, which they did in fact release but with a twist. Knowing that the combination of these songs captures the essence of SUREFIRE, they decided to remix and remaster all records and repackage them together into a compilation titled “Who We Are”. In “Who We Are” you will expect; Say, A pop-rock smash; Ghost, a gutsy piano ballad; and Cars, a heartfelt duet. All three of these tracks were organically written and shows us the authentic sound, style, and story of SUREFIRE. You do not want to miss out on this dynamic duo whose taking the music industry by storm!

Listen to SUREFIRE here.