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A Focus on the Rising Star: Nordi Blu

For Nordi Blu, music and singing has always been as necessary as breathing for her. Nordi Blu grew up singing with the women on the French side of her family which sparked her interest in being a singer and musician. After many years of trying to find her place in the world, one that straddles tradition and heritage on one hand, and the borders she has crossed and made her home. Her diverse background has impacted her in music greatly, as she finally unleashes her relentless spirit and expanding her artistic vision into the public eye and she’s receiving great recognition from all across the board.

Nordi Blu caught the attention and praise in 2017 when she made quarter-finals in Germany’s edition of The Voice. Taking advantage of the growing fanbase and increasing acclaim, she wrote and independently recorded her debut album in 2018 and which she financed all on her own through crowdfunding, and garnering donations from over150 doners. Nordi Blu's debut album who was produced by the great Alex Sprave, and it approaches delicate themes such as growing up, addiction, and the concept of home. We hear the album will be releasing soon, keep your eyes on Nordi Blu's socials for a release date!

Nordi Blu spills talent in her 2019 debut release "Skin", along with kickass visual for the single! "Skin" is so raw and real. The intricate and dramatic instrumental, pairs perfectly with her raspy, flared attitude vocals. This really makes you feel every emotion and word that Nodi Blu projects to her listeners. A song that beams confidence! Nordi Blu's hard work ethic, dedication, and talent will send her onto a trail of great success in the music industry. We can't wait to see what Nordi Blu creates in the New Year, we'll be on the lookout!

Listen to Nordi Blu here!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Nordi Blu! What has been the biggest influence on you and your music in 2019?

Thank you guys so much for having me back, it's a pleasure speaking with you again! I think the biggest influence on me and my music in 2019 would definitely have to be "leaving" and all of the pain and exhilaration that can entail. I just left my most recent home in Berlin, where I had lived for the last 5 years, for Los Angeles. I decided it would be the best move for my music career, but with that came absolute heartbreak. Leaving Berlin also meant leaving my closest friends, my producer, my team and my fans. Leaving is never easy, but I'm hoping it was for the right reasons, and that it will all be worth it in the end.

Tell us about your debut single “Skin”. What was the most challenging aspect of creating this record?

"Skin" is my debut single, so my very first baby. I've got plenty of my work and my performances out there, but this is my true first release. The most challenging, but also most rewarding aspect of creating "Skin" was that I self-released. I spent countless and sleepless nights preparing the release from A to Z. From my full rebrand to distribution, to the imagery, the music video, my socials, my PR, my marketing, and sending hundreds of emails to radio stations, Spotify playlist and blogs around the world. It was a full-time job and so much more. Something else that I learned during my "Skin" release, was that it's ok to ask for and to receive help. My friends, family and even my fans rallied around me to help in any way they possibly could--from sending email blasts, editing my press release, to making Instagram teasers, I truly had the greatest make-shift team in the world.

Did you experiment with any new elements during the creative process of “Skin"?

We did! My producer and I got pretty stuck because the demo of “Skin" was already pretty polished. It's hard sometimes to really be able to hear something new and to take the song into an exciting direction for final production. So we sat down together, went back to the drawing board, and started to throw out some completely random ideas and influences. A couple of glasses of wine later, we finally landed on "X Gon' Give It to Ya" by DMX, and that's when we started recording the live horns and sampling them into what became "Skin".

What’s the biggest theme “Skin” presents to its listeners?

"Skin" is the fiery and gritty tale of hard work, rolling up your sleeves, and working through the intricacies of the music industry as an independent artist. And although that's highly specific, I think it can easily translate to any difficult situation. If you believe in something, you should be fighting for it. If people try to get in the way of that success, just smile at them, keep working hard and show them what success really looks.

Talk to us about your upcoming album. What can your growing fanbase expect from this project?

I have to start by saying that I am fiercely proud of my debut album, and I cannot wait to get it out into the world. My friends, family and amazing fans helped to make it a reality through my crowdfunding campaign. 150 donors made it possible for me to record and produce the record with Alex Sprave in Berlin. Sadly, as an independent artist, I have been struggling to find the financial means to get the full record out, but I promise that it will be out by the end of 2020. The record deals with delicate themes such as growing up, addiction and the concept of "home". As humans we tend to think struggling is shameful, when in fact it is beautiful to be vulnerable and it is strong to be sad. My hope is that my record will help my fans and listeners to feel hopeful in whatever way it might be meaningful to them.

What are you looking forward to in 2020, Nordi Blu?

I am so impatient and excited to become a part of the LA community, and the music industry here. And most of all, I truly cannot wait to release my debut album. In the meantime, my second single "Eye of the Hurricane" should be coming out early 2020, I hope you'll keep an eye out for it.


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