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A Full Interview With Adam Gokcebay

Hey Adam! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you originally get started making music?

I originally started making music around a year ago because I wanted to try it out. I had been

singing since I was seven years old and also wanted to try writing. When I started out I wanted

to rap but I quickly realized I was better at singing.

We’re loving your next release “Still Down”! Can you dive into some of the lyrics and the meaning of the song?

I wanted to write a song about seeing your ex at a party or just a girl you’re nervous to talk to.

The chorus “If I don’t wanna talk right now, will you still be down, will you stick around?” is

nervousness and not wanting to deal with each other right then and there. The song overall is a

back and forth conversation between one another and that’s what I love about it.

Is this the first time you’ve collaborated with Olivia Badaglia? How did that come about?

Olivia is one of my best friends. She actually helped me write my first song last summer which

she also sang on the chorus as well. When I started writing “Still Down”, I knew this track was

for us.

You featured on a track titled “All I Wanted” with Justice Skolnik, what was that recording process like?

I hit up Justice around Thanksgiving last year since we both live in the Bay Area. He was super

chill and gave me feedback on my own tracks. I really wanted to work with him and one day he

hit me up to work. We recorded at each others houses with a really simple setup.

How have you honed your vocal style over time, and did it take a while to find your vibe, or did it come naturally?

It did take a while to find my vibe. I feel that I’ve found it primarily within the last 3 to 4 months.

What are the main values you want to bring to the music world?

Honesty is a huge thing for me. If you listen to the things I talk about in my songs, they’re real

feelings and happen to all people.

Listen to "Still Down" here and keep up with Adam Gokcebay through Instagram.


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