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A. Johnz Is Bringing Back Feel-Good Music With His Newest Hit “Dance for Me”

A. Johnz is ready to get your party grooving with his latest release of “Dance For Me”. “Dance For Me” was an exciting song with vibrant elements ranging from its rhythmic production to the enticing vocal arrangement. It's the perfect song to play at a family gathering, local party or any celebration to attract a crowd to the dancefloor. The instrumental and beat fusion in “Dance For Me” was a funky duo with a feel-good classic vibe that makes this song suitable for the mature crowd but fun enough to translate well with the youth.

“Dance For Me” is a single that can leave a lasting impact on the culture of soul music to where it’s a timeless traditional song to play at your cookouts! A. Johnz has a sincere quality to his vocal tone which makes the effect of his music feel more profound and eloquent. He vocally abducts his listener into his song while maintaining a stimulating vibration between the music and listener which was as thrilling as it was fun! A. Johnz knows exactly how to cultivate a warm song that will get you ready to dance and share the moment with others. “Dance For Me” brings a sense of companionship, which is perfect for sharing that special dance with that special someone.

You can listen to “Dance For Me” by A. Johnz here.



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