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A. Johnz Set To Release Highly Anticipated Single “Ride With Me” Through SIPP SOUL ENTERTAINMENT

Leland, MS, November 24, 2020 – A. Johnz announces his exceedingly awaited single, Ride With Me, through SIPP SOUL ENTERTAINMENT. Known for adapting to melodies of the greats before him, this palliative infused groove showcases his adaptability with artistic elements on the Hip-hop spectrum. Ride With Me is set to be released on November 27th, 2020, on all major streaming platforms.

A collaborative effort with producer and mastermind DOPEBOYZMUSIC, this record was inspired by the love of his life and a trip to pick up his 73 Chevy Caprice. A. Johnz presents components on the single that he is eager to offer with his rapidly growing fan base.

He shares, “My 73 Chevy Caprice was down at the shop getting a little maintenance done on it, and I and my wife pulled up at Boost Addicts, which is the company that did the work on my Chevy. Prior to leaving our house, I was already upstairs in the studio Brainstorming going over different beats. I came across this beautiful sounding beat from DOPEBOYZMUZIC, and as soon as I made it home from the shop, I created the hook and first verse of the song.”

While continuing to perfect his craft A. Johnz had the vision to recreate himself as an artist and, with that, has evolved into an artist whose life experiences display in a striking manner on his musical canvas. While focusing on creating a wide range of melodies and tones that are more felt than heard, A. Johnz can be found adding his own twist to the compositions he creates, “I couldn’t hold back anymore, so I immediately phoned my business partner Melvin Miller to let him hear it. I had to call him through FaceTime because I wanted to see his facial expressions once the beat and the hook drops. About 5-10 seconds into the hook, his facial expressions gave me all the affirmation that I needed. No one else heard it at that point, and it is completely new to the world!” The passion doesn’t stop for A. Johnz as he continues to take risks as a multi-talented artist.

Time and time again, A. Johnz plans on giving fans a taste of his impenitent and boisterous personality as he expresses himself in a charismatic manner. This highly anticipated single puts him into an elevated category of artists. Ride With Me is sure to set the tone and raise the bar, all while showcasing his growth as an individual and recording artist.

Congratulations on the release of “Ride With Me.” Could you please tell us a bit about the sound you have worked carefully to create for yourself?

Thank you guys BuzzMusic for all you do for not just me, but for Indie Artists as a whole. I’m honored to explain my sound, first of all, I have Mississippi Roots so having a good soulful sound is almost second nature. I try to create a smooth soulful feel-good type of vibe every studio session, knowing if I’m in that zone while recording I wouldn’t cheat myself, my music, or my fans that we’ve gained so far.

How is this release different for you compared to the previous work you have put forward?

For me it’s no different, to be honest, they all are my babies!!! But I would say that “RIDE WITH ME” Has such a sound that gives you a relaxing spring or summer Day drop-top vibe ya know. Just hop in the ride with your spouse or significant other with Ride With Me on blast while enjoying the beautiful weather and also the beautiful tunes from your car stereo as my new single takes you to new heights.

Could you please tell us about what the recording session was like when crafting “Ride With Me?" What were the vibes like in the studio?

There are always good vibes when I’m creating, “RIDE WITH ME” was originally thought of after I got done listening to beats before going to pick up my drop-top from getting a little maintenance done to it. On the way back home I had a piece of the hook in my mind. Anxious to get back home to get to them so I could put the hook down because after my hooks are laid I pretty much know the topic and the verses follow immediately. The vibes were awesome from the beginning to the end of the “RIDE WITH ME” session.

What non-musical inspirations do you allow to speak into your music?

The non-musical inspirations I allow in my music is Family!

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

Listeners can expect a full 18 song album from Me on Valentines Day February 14th, 2021 V-Day3 Love vs Lust! Some of our best work yet, our fans will not be disappointed. As always; thank you all and have a blessed holiday season.



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