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A Journey To Freedom, Fuhr Says "Goodbye"

Arriving in the pop sky during the autumn of 2020, Fuhr has blessed us with seven singles through the record company Moonride Records. Resembling the sounds of a young Björn Skifs, or Chris Cornell, his most vital sign besides accurate melodies is his granite, strong voice. With his music leaning towards the light-hearted and imaginative, there is also room for seriousness and heartache.

Throughout his recently released EP 'Goodbye,' we get to experience a more self-revealing Fuhr than anything listeners have been exposed to before. As we fixate ourselves upon the EP's introductory and title track "Goodbye," the rustic essence that kicks off the project has you immediately hanging onto the inspirational words he performs.

The grippingly raw nature of the acoustic guitar riffs starts us off with poise and ease before taking us into an upbeat anthem that has us drowning in the complexity embedded into the production quality. Then, making a statement with the smoldering timbres crooned, "Goodbye" dips into unrequited love and the emotional storm it has created.

Giving us an honest blend of sentimental tenors that amalgamate with infectious grooves, you're launched into the myriad of emotions that come flooding in with such a bold, opening masterpiece. A healthy dose of Pop, Rock, and Americana is what makes the sonic universe of Fuhr go round, and we're thrilled to be embarking on this journey to freedom with him.

Deeming the EP 'Goodbye' as a five-step program to moving on, we suggest that you tap in with Fuhr and take in the therapeutic essence of this healing process to its full extent.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Fuhr. We love how you kicked off your EP with a copious amount of energy. What inspired you to place the title track first and make "Goodbye" reflective of liberation?

Thanks, good question! - it probably would have been a clearer storyline if 'Goodbye' had been placed as the last track. But for me, 'Goodbye' is more of an attempt to say goodbye rather than succeeding to move on. A contract with myself to get rid of all hopes. Perhaps, it isn't until you've said that out loud that you can start the process. And perhaps you need an energetic and unapologetic vibe to dare to do that.

Stating that this EP has been your five-step program to move on, what has each of these steps entailed on your end? How long in the making has it been from creation to release?

Moving on can be easier said than done. In 'Words' and 'Stars', I allow myself to dream away again. I probably needed that, and it made me understand that I wasn't able to control my emotions. That insight was, however, a relief in a way. There's a Swedish expression called "balla ur" which can be translated into "losing it." The last track 'Epilog' aims to express that vibe. The realization that I was a mess, oddly as it may seem, gave me a liberating sensation. The melodies and some arrangements are old, but the lyrics are new. I rewrote most of it this summer.

What would you want it to be if your audience could take away any particular themes or messages from this single or EP?

I had a conversation with a friend about John Lennon. When John met Yoko Ono, the Beatles were suddenly not that fun anymore. We concluded that he must have redirected his love for the Beatles and the music to Yoko. A take-home message is that you can use music as a substitute, but when you meet the real deal, no music in the world can compete. -The EP might come in handy if you're doing the first thing. But hey! I do pop music. The EP is five times three minutes of emotions. I want the listeners to rock, sing out their heartaches, feel free, and not be prisoners to their negative emotions.

What have you learned about yourself the most throughout this healing journey?

To space out! Realizing you never really have control.

What's next for you?

I'm working on the next part, 'Hello.' If everything goes as planned, it will be released in March 2022. Not to forget, I will enjoy playing the EP live. I've gotten myself a band, and we're aiming to play as often as possible. Expect some live versions of the songs to come up on Spotify in December!


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