A Lesson of Dedication and Hard Work; Let Us Introduce You to Malik Rose

Malik Rose grew up in Marrero, Louisiana, in a single-parent home. While his mother was out working tirelessly for her family, Malik became an independent, maverick at a young age. The rap game was always appealing to Malik, growing up listening to the greats like Biggie, Jay-Z, J. Cole, who were significant sources of inspiration for Malik. With heavy material in his subconscious, Malik began channeling his thoughts and experiences onto paper and focussed on arranging his rhymes to not only created prowess but created a sense of imagery in his lyrics. He debuted his first mixtape in 2017, which garnered excellent reviews and the realization of his potential.

After relocating to Los Angeles in 2018 to further his musical ambitions, he released his album 'Imagine Forever,' which created even more attention to his craft, highlighting his growth and talent as an artist. Malik continually strives to be versatile in his creations, always sampling new sounds and arranging his lyrics to deliver the most impact to his listeners. Every project he releases takes him to the next level of discovery, and we are confident Malik Rose will be a household name in the arena of rap/hip hop for years to come.

Discover "Dark Nights" here.

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