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A Lesson of Dedication and Hard Work; Let Us Introduce You to Malik Rose

Malik Rose grew up in Marrero, Louisiana, in a single-parent home. While his mother was out working tirelessly for her family, Malik became an independent, maverick at a young age. The rap game was always appealing to Malik, growing up listening to the greats like Biggie, Jay-Z, J. Cole, who were significant sources of inspiration for Malik. With heavy material in his subconscious, Malik began channeling his thoughts and experiences onto paper and focussed on arranging his rhymes to not only created prowess but created a sense of imagery in his lyrics. He debuted his first mixtape in 2017, which garnered excellent reviews and the realization of his potential.

After relocating to Los Angeles in 2018 to further his musical ambitions, he released his album 'Imagine Forever,' which created even more attention to his craft, highlighting his growth and talent as an artist. Malik continually strives to be versatile in his creations, always sampling new sounds and arranging his lyrics to deliver the most impact to his listeners. Every project he releases takes him to the next level of discovery, and we are confident Malik Rose will be a household name in the arena of rap/hip hop for years to come.

Discover "Dark Nights" here.

Hey Malik Rose, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re truly motivated by the message of moving forward with your recent single “Dark Nights”. How did you initially come across this heavy and introspective theme for “Dark Nights”?

Thank you for having me on your platform. I’m glad we could finally make it happen. This song is based on my real life. I was driving through Hollywood late one night, and I stopped at the red light in a four-way intersection. I noticed there was an LAPD police car across from me on the other side. Once the light turned green, I started driving again. Then, I look up and see the cop mean mugging me as I drive by. The police car hit a U-turn and started following me for a few blocks. They flashed their lights and I pulled over. The cops asked me for my license and registration, but when I tried to get it they got anxious and told me not to move. They pulled me out of the car and handcuffed me immediately. Mind you, I didn’t do anything. So I’m outside in Hollywood with all these people outside by the clubs and bars watching me get run down on by the police while they tore through my car and threw all of my stuff out into the streets. They had me out there for like 45 minutes. I already knew what this was about. A black man driving a nice car with a nice-looking woman inside. RIGHT. They know damn well I didn’t steal my car too. Just some hating ass cops. They didn’t find anything so they had to let me go. I WAS PISSED and embarrassed to say the least. One thing I hate is having negative and unnecessary attention on me. People were out there taking pictures, recording me, etc. It was all bad. During this time, I was already going through a lot too. This was just one of my “Dark Nights”.

Another intriguing factor of “Dark Nights” is the textured and heavy production that establishes the theme of the song. Could you share what Malik Rose’s creative process looked like when finding production that suits the message of the song?

The producer RXDLXST sent me a pack of beats. As soon as I heard it, I knew. After the recording process we added certain things to make it sound more full and darker.

It’s clear that Malik Rose has perfectly tied in themes of betrayal, racism, and inner demons with your rhymes on “Dark Nights”. How did you write such intricate lyrics that can resonate with a variety of listeners? 

I wrote the verses maybe 2-3 days after that particular incident with LAPD. These are the things I face on a daily basis. Racism, betrayal, fake people, jealousy, hate, etc. I needed to vent and I refused to hold back. I’m usually able to channel my anger and frustration when I’m up writing late at night. I didn’t have a beat, concept, or anything. I just picked up a pencil and started writing. I got the beat from RXDLXST like 6 months later.

We’ve heard that Malik Rose has gotten his music on a variety of playlists and radio, as well as performing in international countries. Why do you personally think your music has made such an impact on your audience so far?

I feel like my listeners connect with my music because I put substance into each song along with a cool beat to bop your head to. I talk about my life most of the time. And we’re all out here living life, so I feel like it’s just easily relatable if you actually take the time to listen to the words.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I’m dropping an EP in July. Really looking forward to that. I also have a lot more music to drop too. The hard part is trying to figure out how I’m going to get all of it out before the year is over. You should also definitely expect a lot more visual content from me as well. And once things return back to normal, I’ll be performing again.


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