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A Look at Expressive Alternative/Indie Duo Belenn's 2019!

Music group Belenn has released a variety of tracks throughout 2019 that gained serious attention among their listening base. And the traction they're receiving makes sense because one of their 2019 releases "Evanesce" is almost explosive right from the start. It has that heavy and heavenlyf feeling, which allows the sound to catch almost an atmospheric sounding. The vocal delivery is dramatic and pure, which pushes that ethereal ambiance even further. Once we get committed to the record, we feel the surplus of emotions that pour over us and our aura. "Evanesce" is definitely the type of reflective song that had us feeling overwhelmed in such a positive way. 

Other tracks released by Belenn consist of "Lover" and "Just Us", which offer different attributes of Belenn's artistic blendings. "Lover" is a track that focuses heavily on instrumentals, and the track focuses on more of a rustic execution. The vocals that are lightly incorporated into the track pierce through the melody, and you can feel them sit heavily in your heart. Their music conveys their imaginative side with their soft persona. We've heard that Belenn is thinking of doing some live shows in the near future, and we're really anticipating that performance. Once you give a listen to Belenn, you'll be able to imagine the intimacy their shows could hold. For now, we're soaking up their sound via our favorite platforms, and hoping to hear more from Belenn soon!

Listen to the soundings of Belenn here


Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Belenn! Thanks for taking the time to walk us through your 2019. How do you feel looking back on what you accomplished artistically throughout 2019?!

Joshua: It’s great being back! I feel 2019 was a good start for us right before the new decade starts. We have a lot of new ideas & plans, but we are taking our time with each individual project to make sure we get it just right. I’m pretty proud of what we’ve done in 2019, starting with Evanesce & finishing off with a Music Video. I feel we’ve given a feel of what kind of quality & style you can expect from Belenn.

Denise: Hello! Thanks for having us again. Looking back on our year in retrospect, I feel a sense of astonishment — seeing how much my partner and I have accomplished. Having a mere idea being put into execution, releasing the said idea for others to enjoy is such a profound feeling. We’ve released three singles this year and we’re releasing our first video production soon, I feel it’s been a great year for accomplishments. I am truly ecstatic and I cannot wait to share more of our music with the world. 

We know you've said you're thinking about releasing an EP in the near future. Have you started an EP, or is it still in the progressive thought stage?

Joshua: The idea of the EP grows as we grow musically. We had something set when we started, but now it has become something else and I’m still waiting to see what it will eventually become. We want the EP to be something people won’t expect & for every song in it to be unique in its own way. For all we know, it might just end up being a full album.

Denise: The more songs we release, the closer we get to understanding our musicality and we’re still in that stage of the process. A decision is still yet to be made so we can’t quite promise anything. 

An earlier release of yours, Lover" incorporated many fine and articulate soundings. They truly shaped the eclecticism the song held. How do you find the vision to combine rhythms and tones like these with your vocals?

Joshua: Lover was an idea we had to make a song with no previous ideas, melodies, lyrics, or chords in mind. It was more of a moment we recorded to see what we were really capable of doing at the moment. After releasing a really thought out & produced a song like Evanesce, we really wanted to go back to basics & see what we could do with just a guitar and our voices.

Denise: Lover was an improvised single. It was a one-take recording that was left unedited and was deliberately released to the public that way. Personally, I feel a profound connection with, Lover because I feel it reflects our relationship. Like us, the song is filled with imperfections but conveys such beauty. I can’t say I had a set vision for the song, what I sang is what I felt in the moment. We weren’t expecting to release an unedited recording but I insisted on doing so because I wanted our listeners to hear our imperfections. 

Talk to us about your music video for "Just Us"! Did you come up with the vision for the video, or did you accept help from other parties in order to mediate the flow of the production?

Joshua: We came up with the idea of the music video for Just Us by coming up with a storyboard based on what we thought the story of the song was. We didn’t really draw any ideas from other music video or media because we already had an idea about how we wanted the music video to be. Feeling we had a cool idea for this song was the reason we decided to make a music video after all & sought out help from our friend Marlex Cancinos to help us film.

Denise: We based our music video on what the song is about, essentially. Rooted from that, we created a storyboard and tried to work around the storyline that we had already conducted (from the song). Each of our songs tells a different story, so we were able to use, Lover’s already created story for leverage. We didn’t necessarily require outside help for ideas, simply because had already envisioned a particular storyline for our music video. Although we did have help filming, our cinematographer (and director) Marlex Cancinos played a huge role in completing the final product, so a big thanks to Marlex. 

How do you find the way you curated music in the past compares to how you created music this year, and specifically in the past few months?

Joshua: Our process has become more efficient ever since we started working together. We are able to come up with new ideas at even the most random times & we record it quick to later work on it to make it into a complete song. Before I would make the music and then we would come together to try to come up with lyrics. Now we’re both coming up with music and lyrics all at the same time & it has given us many new opportunities to be more creative. 

Denise: The way we create music has always been a fun process, but we would definitely have days where we’d sit on ideas and feel blocked. In recent months our work ethic has certainly become more interesting. Joshua will be soloing on his guitar and I’d be sitting there listening and he’ll play something operatic and I’ll yell for the recorder. Then I’ll begin to hum melodies as he continues to play, and we’d note down whatever we thought sounded best. Those are by far my most favorite creative moments. 

What do you hope to get out of yourself artistically and personally in 2020? Are there specific goals you've set for yourself for next year, or are you more of that go with the flow type of artists?

Joshua: I hope that we can establish Belenn as a more recognized artist group & be able to put out good music more frequently. Right now, we’re trying to get in the consistency of putting out at least one new form of media per month. As goals go, we want to have at least 10 songs put out by the Summer of 2020 so we can eventually start performing live shows. But we also allow creative freedom to happen with our music, so if we end up going above that, that’s even better. Thank you again for having us back!

Denise: I — of course share the same aspirations for Belenn, I wish to see Belenn more largely recognized and for our musicality to continue to improve implicitly. As an artist, I would like to explore my vocals and enhance my musicianship. A personal goal would be to grow more comfortable with the idea of being in the public eye. This year we hope to release more singles and playing live shows is something we are hoping to do. We have our own set goals, but we are also willing to follow whatever paths are already being paved. We’re doing what we feel is right. Thank you so much for having us again! 



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