A Look at Expressive Alternative/Indie Duo Belenn's 2019!

Music group Belenn has released a variety of tracks throughout 2019 that gained serious attention among their listening base. And the traction they're receiving makes sense because one of their 2019 releases "Evanesce" is almost explosive right from the start. It has that heavy and heavenlyf feeling, which allows the sound to catch almost an atmospheric sounding. The vocal delivery is dramatic and pure, which pushes that ethereal ambiance even further. Once we get committed to the record, we feel the surplus of emotions that pour over us and our aura. "Evanesce" is definitely the type of reflective song that had us feeling overwhelmed in such a positive way. 

Other tracks released by Belenn consist of "Lover" and "Just Us", which offer different attributes of Belenn's artistic blendings. "Lover" is a track that focuses heavily on instrumentals, and the track focuses on more of a rustic execution. The vocals that are lightly incorporated into the track pierce through the melody, and you can feel them sit heavily in your heart. Their music conveys their imaginative side with their soft persona. We've heard that Belenn is thinking of doing some live shows in the near future, and we're really anticipating that performance. Once you give a listen to Belenn, you'll be able to imagine the intimacy their shows could hold. For now, we're soaking up their sound via our favorite platforms, and hoping to hear more from Belenn soon!

Listen to the soundings of Belenn here