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A Look Inside Arcaydium's Self-Titled EP

Arcaydium is a band from Montreal, Canada who came to life when singer-songwriter Chris Petterson and bassist Corrado Johnston began jamming with some friends. They adopted the name Arcaydium and began writing original material. Throughout 2017 and 2018, the band started to gain a following, playing shows all over the greater Montreal region, as well as participating in festivals and competitions.

Arcaydium recently released their debut self-titled EP and their style is exceptional! Arcaydium is a juicy mixture of psych, rock and reggae, with splashes of pop, funk and attitude. The EP begins with the song “Flying” and this opening introduction felt so hypnotizing, as if I was experience a life-changing spiritual moment. The sound fx was magical right before the rock n roll reggae transitioned in. This was super dope. I became instantly attracted to the band. Arcaydium wastes no time and creating the most electrifying vibe for their listener. “Flying” just as the title says, elevates you into the project, and leaves you hanging on cloud nine! The tone from the vocalist was dope! It had a nice rasp to the quality, which strengthened the rock n roll vibe.

The next single to transition into the project was “Throughout The Years” a more energetically driven song. This track warrants its place in the album perfectly. It has strong rock n roll vibes, with an eclectic and exciting vibrance that exudes across the listener. The badass strumming of the electric guitars, chaotic mix of drumming and brashful vocals felt like electricity! “Journey” was the next record to transition into this EP and everything was a lot more funkier than the previous! This psychedelic record had rhythmic guitar grooves, and an eclectic funky groove you won’t forget. You’re on a natural musical high and you can’t come down at this point!

The closing record on this EP, “What A Shame”, arrangement was so pleasant and felt a lot more joyful than the electrifying records prior, however it still had a sense of excitement. The lyrics in “What A Shame” were romantically propelled forward. This added a songwriting dimension to this seemingly perfect project and we loved every bit of it! Arcaydium released an EP that will send you through a wind of exciting emotions. Instead of taking its listener through highs and lows, they keep you remaining at the highest elevation possible. This project is a killer!

Listen to the full EP here and get to know more about Arcaydium in our interview below!

A band that doesn’t need quite an introduction, welcome Arcaydium! You guys have been killing it so far with various of different performances and competitions! What’s the most exciting feeling about performing?

The most exciting part of performing is getting our songs heard by people and seeing their reactions. It’s really helpful for us to test out new material in an audience. It’s an incredible feeling to play our songs and see people having a good time, dancing and singing along.

Do you guys have any pre-performance traditions? If so mind sharing them? If not, how do you prepare your nerves for an upcoming performance?

Before every show, we like to hangout backstage and get in the zone, listen to music, warm up, have some drinks and get ready to put on the best show we can. The nerves are always there but the minute we step out on stage and the first chord is strummed all the stress disappears. We get lost in the music and every show becomes a unique experience with every different crowd.

Tell us about your EP! What was the major vision and theme behind it?

Our debut EP has been in the works for a long time. We wanted to showcase different elements of our sound by choosing different style songs. “Flying” is a psychedelic reggae song with an alt rock chorus and outro. “Throughout the years” is our “classic rock” heartbreak song. “Journey” is a funky psychedelic rock song, and “what a shame” molds reggae and classic rock together with emotional lyrics. Certain songs such as flying and what a shame were written by singer songwriter Chris Petterson, while a song like Journey was developped through a jam at rehearsals. We really took our time with this record to guarantee that we made something new and unique while still paying hommage to the music of the past. 

All 4 songs were KILLER! But which is your favorite and why?

“Flying” was our first single, and it showcases our unique “psychedelic reggae rock” style. The outro section shows fans that we enjoy making music differently then the standard songwriting formula, and the fun upbeat reggae verses and rock choruses give fans a good taste of what to expect from Arcaydium. 

Any more exciting Arcaydium performances our readers can be on the lookout for!?

At the moment, other than a few local festivals and shows, we are taking time off to write as much material as we can. We love writing music and jamming as a band to come up with new unique sounds, so fans can expect new music out in the near future.


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