A N И A Whisks You Off Your Feet With "Dance With the Devil"

A N И A's voice is incredibly soft and angelic. When we listen to A N И A, we reminisce back to artists such as Zee Avi, but with a more soothing element incorporated into the vocal execution. We can feel our hearts flutter with the sound of A N И A, especially in her latest music. She can curate tracks that consistently give us passion, honesty, and natural flow. A N И A is a diverse artist, with a heavy background in music, and music theory. She takes her experience, and only allows it to shape her music in the most graceful way possible. We're mesmerized by almost anything she creates, and we know we're in for a treat when A N И A releases new music.

A N И A's latest single "Dance With the Devil" is a soft-hearted musical offering that appealed to us right away. As an alt-house singer, A N И A displays the utmost poise and innocence throughout "Dance With the Devil", and we can't get enough of the tranquil energy she releases through her music! We appreciate artists that are able to take their music and shape it in such a way that it is almost healing to listeners. A N И A knows how to do exactly such, and "Dance With the Devil" is no exception! Her soft execution with the track is what will draw your attention, and the sound of A N И A's voice is what will undoubtedly keep it. We're daydreaming now of how serene her performances would be! We're staying tuned for the latest on A N И A and her music, that's for sure.

Listen to "Dance With the Devil" here!


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