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A new Alt-Pop Vision with Flower Church

One of the best things about today's music is independent artist's ability to create full pieces of work in their own space, on their own time, and with the freedom to say what they want. The brand new album by Flower Church is a prime example of all of these things. The album can be a bit brooding, but with style. A record that at times, talks about things we can all feel but are maybe unable to express or talk about. "Born A Burden" displays a great alternative pop song with somber yet catchy singing and a ton of honesty. This is quite the theme of the record as it goes on to more songs ranging from garage pop, singer-songwriter, indie rock, and more. 

A full and tonally beautiful album, this work shows anger, sadness, and even light at the end of the tunnel. A relatable and pure record should be listened to through and through. The best place to do that is HERE


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