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A New Christmas Classic With Meghan Pulles!

Meghan Pulles is back, and she brings Christmas cheer with her (which was desperately needed on a Thursday afternoon). We can recall that Meghan Pulles never anticipated a career in music. Ever since we heard her striking innocent sound, she was an unforgettable artist. And so, we're thankful she pursued music, which has been an overall life-changing experience for Meghan. Meghan seeks to aspire others, which is a highly respectable trait of artists. She uses her platform to affect and embolden others, and she continues this energy into the Christmas season!

Our favorite time of year, Christmas, means we receive a vast collection of renditions on some of the best Christmas classics. If we're really lucky, we get new Christmas tracks that we can add to our annual playlist. Meghan Pulles contributes new Christmas content with her latest track "Three Christmases". It's as soft as you can expect from a Christmas single. Meghan Pulles maintains a warm ambiance throughout the entirety of "Three Christmases", and it made us feel extremely in tune with her in the moments of the track. Meghan's voice is one that is easy to listen to. She makes it an enjoyable experience to listen through her soundings, and to follow along with the heartfelt story presented within "Three Christmases". All in all, the track makes us feel at home, at peace, and ultimately happy (all the elements we should feel from a Christmas classic). 

Sway along with Meghan Pulles in "Three Christmases" here.


Hi Meghan! It's great to chat again about your new music! We love your exclusive and honest soundings in your holiday release of "Three Christmases". What inspired you to create a Christmas single?!

Hi! Thank you for having me. I always love chatting with you all and greatly appreciate the support you give me with my music. Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved listening to Christmas music and the feeling that it gives me during this time of the year. It really makes me so happy and gives me a sense of peace. I am really really happy lately and I wanted to really delve into my romantic writing side by writing a Christmas song that is full of bursting emotion of happiness and contentment and celebrates what it's like to be with your true love at Christmas.

Can you share with our readers the dominant message embedded in "Three Christmases"?

The message in my song "Three Christmases" is just telling how being with your love at Christmas can give you overflowing emotions of love and joy. It's a celebration of being in love at Christmas, and wanting to spend more and more Christmases with your person.

Can you explain to our readers how music has helped shape your life? What do you hope to achieve differently, from an artistic standpoint, in 2019? 

Music has been my biggest comfort, and biggest pride on this earth. For someone who was raised around music in so many different ways, I think the influences of listening to all of the classic Christmas music songs has a big influence on my writing. When we are younger, we really soak things up without realizing, and I think I channeled some of that throwback honesty in this style of writing. I hope to continue to write, record, and release better music. My goal as an artist to write better every single time I do, and to stay very true to who I am as an artist and not be afraid to share the dark and light parts of my life.

Your soft sound always draws our attention immediately. Does the mellow approach come naturally to you as an artist, or is it an aspect of your sound that required crafting?

For this song in particular, My producer and I knew that we didn't need all of the bells and whistles or instrumentation. This is a nostalgic Christmas lullaby that someone is singing from the heart to the one that they love. I think being mellow comes naturally to me in my singing, and it's just really the product of honing into what my heart is saying and feeling that comes through.

We hope you have a great holiday season! Thanks again for taking the time to talk through your release of "Three Christmases"! Are you planning on performing the single anywhere during the holidays?

I hope you all have a great Holiday Season too! Thanks for having me, and thanks for always having such nice things to say about my writing. I am going to perform my song at an Open Mic tomorrow at my voice studio, but other than that probably just for my family or my cats ;) 



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