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A New Take: "Wasted (Acoustic)" By Attic Light

Attic Light is known for its electrifying live performances and high energy music. The band, based in Kansas City, consists of Nate Bowman (vocals, guitar, keyboard, synthesizer), Michael Pittman (guitar), Patrick Rippeto (bass), and Joseph Dillman (drums). Together as Attic Light, they bring an element of dance music into their rock songs and it has made quite the movement throughout Midwest USA. Having dropped two EPs and several singles, the band has now decided to switch gears with their newest release. 

Steering away from eccentric beats, Attic Light is sharing a more intimate side of their music with "Wasted (Acoustic)". The single is a new take on their song released earlier in 2019 titled "Wasted". With its classic Attic Light sound, "Wasted" used strings, percussion, and synths to create an emotional track about the desire to love someone. The acoustic version, however, finds itself focusing on the rawness of the guitar and the emotions in Nate's vocals. It’s quite the transformation. The tone remains, but a deeper connection is made. We feel Nate’s yearning love shine through and his guitar is the perfect companion. It’s definitely a more somber take on “Wasted” and shows versatility in Attic Lights musical talents. What sounds will the band do next? We’ll have to wait and see when their third EP is released!

Listen to "Wasted" here

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