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A Perfect "10/10" on SM Tone & Bluntana Latest Release

SM Tone has always had a passion for music, and from a young age could be found working as a stagehand for his grandfather who was a Director to the first all-black Philharmonic Orchestra’s called Music South.

That experience as a young man exploded his musical aspirations and began playing the snare drum, bass drums, bass guitar, and piano during elementary & middle school, and by high school, he had started songwriting.

Fast forward to today, SM Tone can be seen working with multiple artists, producers, photographers, & graphic designers, offering his keen industry experience assisting with marketing strategies, resources, information, and opportunities that aren’t available in mainstream media.

A pensive piano opens SM Tone & Bluntana's latest release 10/10.

As SM Tone and Bluntana enter the soundscape a low grinding bass pumps in the background; as a ticking percussion fills the atmosphere the melodic piano and resonating guitar melodies trickle throughout the track. The duos rhymes are delivered with prowess and attitude as they explain their 10/10 stance they take on the rap game.

SM Tone & Bluntana rap together like a good oil machine; their rhymes play off one another's like a famous entertainment duo, their professionalism and comradery are on full display on their latest creation, 10/10. We give 10/10- well, a 10/10.

How did this legendary collab come about?

Bluntana: The collab came about when we decided too hit y’all with a full SM Tone x Bluntana mixtape which is coming soon called Double Entendre. 10/10 has such a heavy vibe and free-flowing aura about the song. Can tell us a bit more about the track and the meaning behind it? SM Tone: The meaning of 10/10 is basically live your life to fullest and sometimes your biggest critic can be yourself.

Bluntana: the track 10/10 was thought when one of us might have said  9 times out of 10 we gone make a hit.... never mind 10 times outta 10 we gone make a hit “and the rest is history. SM Tone, you mentioned you have had a life long passion for helping others, how have you been able to help and connect with other artists in your community?

SMTone: I’ve been helping artists and producers in my hood for the last 4 years while building the Mafia brand. I own a studio, show the independent artists how to make money, and grow their audiences. We loved the resonating piano that repeats throughout 10/10. Did you devise the lyrics or melody first for 10/10?

The melody definitely came first, Bluntana said 10 outta 10 in the first line of the hook and I followed with another 10 outta 10 in the second and just went from there.

What has been keeping you inspired?

SM Tone: The Mafia keeps me inspired and focused on the future, we are a family.

Bluntana: The fact the nobody else is putting as much work in as us ever since the top of the year we are relentless, hungry, and 100% confident about any decision we make in this game.



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