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A Rapper Like No Other, M.P. Released “Roots”

Madison, WI based Rapper, Producer and Songwriter M.P. has an unmatched style and delivery in his music that can reach people at their core and can connect deeply with them. His music has been influenced by a variety of musicians in which included Kanye West, J.Cole, to the likes of Kid Cudi and Jay-Z. M.P. has performed on various stages over the many years, but his biggest accomplishment to date was performing during Lifefest an event he won’t ever forget.

If you take a listen to the single “Roots” made by M.P. you will become highly invested into this rapper and who he is. Why do I state that? Well the entire aesthetic of “Roots” was something quite atypical from other standard rap songs i’ve heard. The arrangement in “Roots” was idiosyncratic from other hip-hop record I’ve recently heard. The beat has a unique mix of melodic rap with hard-trap. However, the beat was actually one of my favorite parts of the entire song. The way M.P rode the beat like a smooth wave was infectiously done. The lyrics were transmissible and had me repeating along with M.P. and that’s the beaty of it. Why? Due to the motivational message I’ve interpreted from the lyrics, It shows that M.P. significantly touched the listener. Therefore, without realizing it, I noticed how much I enjoyed this song. M.P. is a unique rapper and lyricist who has an undeniable skill of talent that will take him extremely far. His music is easily digestible to a wide range of hip-hop heads. His success at this point is inevitable.

Check out "Roots" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Thank you for coming to BuzzMusic M.P.! in what ways has your influences essentially impacted your style and artistry? 

Thank you for having me here at BuzzMusic it is appreciated! My influences have impacted my style and artistry in a way where I want to make music organically, it allows me to weave between different sounds and styles while still holding true to myself and connecting to others. I listen to everything so when it comes to production and then writing I am trying to give you everything I am feeling in that space and moment.

As an upcoming rapper, what’s your take on the current state of hip-hop? How do you hope to blend or change the wave? 

The current state of hip-hop is that it is alive and breathing and has many lanes to venture to. I hope to change the wave by going back to heartfelt music with dope lyrics and messages while you can still turn up.

Tell us about your single, “Roots”. What does this song mean to you? How were you hoping it translated to its listeners? 

Roots means to me is that I can not give up because it means I would have failed my ancestors and everything they wanted and I would be failing the next generation. So I am holding tight to them and creating Black Excellence in everything from good times and even in the tough times. There isn’t enough time to break the whole song down but it goes deep into just breaking curses placed on Black people from their own families to just random people you know.  But also this song represents me carrying the torch proud for my ancestors legacy and mine and the future who will dig their roots in. That is how I hope it is translated to those who listen to this song and rock with it.

What inspired you to write “Roots”? Any challenges you’ve faced during the songwriting portion of this song? 

I am big about Black Excellence so when I make music I try to center it around being black but also being a human trying to beat the odds based on things family has done to them or things they have accumulated and I want to help break all those things so thats why I wrote Roots. The biggest challenge for writing this song was coming up with the hook I ran through at least 40 different choruses before I landed on the one I have for it.

What’s next for you M.P.? 

What is next for me is another single coming in July, I will have a guest join me on this one. And I will probably be getting some visuals out and more singles that is the wave that I am on as now.  Thank you for having me and interviewing me it is much appreciated again!


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