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A Sizzling Ambience Is Brought Alive In, "Charlie Coco"

French Togolese Singer, Songwriter, and Rapper, Mr. Blue, has been expressing his love for the creation of music throughout his entire life.

After living out some wonderful years involved in the Hip-hop industry of France with, “believemusic,” he relocated himself to London where he believed his career was coming to an end. After 5 years and a trip to Los Angeles, he fell back in love with music as he reinforced an intoxicating Afrobeat style inspired by Caribbean resonances and Electronic music.

Fueled up after a year of captivating single releases, six previous to be exact, Mr. Blue returns with the upbeat, “Charlie Coco,” that has us moving out of our seats.

Serenading us in the prosperous vocalization that remains a statement of Mr. Blue, “Charlie Coco,” is dipped in enticing rhythms and intersecting percussion.

The groove infused record of, “Charlie Coco,” has you humming along to each note melodiously performed as we are immersed in a rush of traditional African harmonies that have a funk-filled zest sprinkled on top of the production.

Mr. Blue depicts the tale of a handsome man named Charlie Coco. A man who is known as a gangster, but not by choice. He applies vivid imagery to his canvas as he encourages our minds to imagine the protagonist being a member of a dangerous drug cartel but he himself just wants to indulge in dancing, lively parties, and seduction. Mr. Blue takes the sonic illustrations and uses them as a metaphor to describe the relationship that people encounter with drug temptation.

The vivid eye-catching visuals that accompany this single takes place in a lively late-night club atmosphere surrounded by neon lights, dancing, and good vibes all around. Bottle girls, vibrant outfits, entertainment, and birds-eye views create the exquisite statement that matches the cadence of this song. The upbeat, dance forward atmosphere cultured by an infectious utopia of storytelling has us hanging on to every last word that Mr.Blue offers up to us.

By allowing us to join in on the inviting appeal that his musical creations hold, Mr. Blue thrives upon using his musical inspirations as a muse to what he can sonically vitalize. Watch out for Mr. Blue as he can be deemed as an emerging artist scaling the totem pole of the Afrobeat industry, hit after hit.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mr.Blue! Congratulations on the release of the powerful grasp of, “Charlie Coco.” We have to know, is this record based on a person you actually know?

Hi. Thank you for having me. No, this record is not based on someone I know. I see myself as a storyteller, invented funny story to sing with cinematic characters

You made the switch from being a Hip-hop artist to being an artist involved in the genre of Afrobeat. What are some similarities and differences between the two industries?

The similarities are both music are related to the dance but in terms of the industry Afrobeat offer a larger audience

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process when creating, “Charlie Coco”?

I’ve first found the beat and started to sing along in a period where I was listening to a lot of Cesaria Evora’s song who has a very strong voice and a Latino African vibe. You don’t need to understand the language to feel what she says. Then I wanted my character to be Afro Latino and wanted the song to have words that everyone knows like « Cuccaracha »

Then I decided that my character will have the same story that the Cuccaracha which means cockroach in English. An undesirable person that want to be loved

Throughout the releases that you have shared with the world in 2020, do you have a personal favorite? Why?

Yes, Charlie Coco is my favorite simply cause it’s my last song and combines a lot of things that I like. Low voices, high voices, a crooner vibe, afro Latino, a gangster and love story

Do you have a favorite part of the creative process that you enjoy the most?

All creation parts. Writing, finding the artwork, the studio mixing and the marketing, how to present the product to the audience

What are your most memorable experiences through 2020 that have spoken into the music you produce?

Simply Beyoncé doing an African album. Surprising and so great for the world culture

What words of wisdom would you like to leave with your listeners?

To listen to music without overthinking it, one day you can enjoy rock, and the day after listening to k-pop or Congolese music there’s beauty in everything and by this challenging year, we had helping supporting small businesses as small artists is a must. Music is a natural painkiller.


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