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A Song for Moving on, Josey Brings us New Single "Energy"

A soulful set up of an R&B guitar and snapping fingers leads you into Josey's new single "Energy."

From Houston, Texas, Josey is creating a unique blend of soul, pop, and alternative R&B while singing to express- not impress. The themes Josey concentrates her messaging around promotes self-love and strength in overcoming life's obstacles.

"Energy" is a brutally honest lyrical display that tells the story about a relationship that has run its course, and the lack of interest or "energy" needed to fix the broken bond. Josey's voice is proud and full of soul as she unpacks the emotional baggage that has been weighing her down.

Lyrics like "I have 100 other things to do than sit and waste my time on you," "I'd rather be lonely than have fake friends," and "I'm not calling for favors if you didn't want me then don't come back later," are a superior display of self-love and confidence and an excellent example to others on how to stand up for yourself.

"Energy" is propelled by grooving beats, funky bass-lines, and blues-tinged R&B guitar riffs that together, with Josey's powerful soul charged voice make for one vibing track.

Discover "Energy" here.

Hello Josey, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest release: "Energy." Can you tell us a bit more about the song and how it came about? Thank you! I wrote this song in fall 2018 with Kate Cosentino. Overall this song is about no longer having the energy for what is not serving you. If it's not making me better, happy, or making me money, I don't have time or energy for it! The song came from a real-life experience I was having. I had just moved to Nashville and been here for a year. Two of my best friends had made plans to go on a trip and I felt left out and was having a hard time adjusting to a new city. We ended up getting in a fight over it and then I came to the realization  "I don't have the energy". I decided I didn't have the energy to fight and the situation just wasn't worth the emotional tuggawar. Now this song also relates to me in the sense of not having the energy to keep fighting the same fight alone or arguing with racists over human rights. Black lives matter period! I don't have the energy to debate that fact any longer. It's time to put our energy into creating change! You sing with grace, power, and theatrics throughout "Energy." We loved how at the end of the song you seemed depleted as if your energy had officially run out. How do you center yourself to fully immerse yourself into the song? Thank you, I'm so glad y'all picked up on that, that is def how I felt and the vibe I was going for. I was able to center and fully immerse myself in the song by being grounded. This song really is a daily mood for me, even though the situations change, I find myself constantly having to pick and choose my battles. I'm only getting older, there is no time or energy to waste and I wanted to make sure the authenticity of the song was captured. I wanted y'all to hear and feel how tired I was and still am.  Your voice has a truly formidable aspect to it and its paired flawlessly to and R&B atmosphere. Have you always been drawn to that genre of music? Yes! I love R&B and soul music! From a young age, I would listen to India Arie, Whitney Houston, Destiny's child, Lauryn Hill & Mariah Carey! Till this day these are some of my favorite artists! I just love music where you can really believe everything they are saying! Music is the TRUTH!! R&b has a great way of doing that and pairing it with a fun rhythm and interesting beats it just makes for a good classic.  You mentioned you relocated to Nashville to further pursue your career in music. How has the music community there enhanced your art? The music community here has enhanced my art in so many ways! I was able to find my producer here, he produced Energy and my first single TMI! I feel like my songwriting and musicianship has definitely gotten stronger since being in Nashville. I've been pushed and inspired immensely by the creative community here!   What can we expect to see next from you? What's next for me will be another single coming this fall! I had some tour stuff planned but with Rona who knows! I will stay active on my socials with live videos of new music and maybe even a music video coming soon! I am also releasing merch soon, so keep an eye out for that. Be sure to follow me on Spotify and  Instagram @josey_omo to stay updated with releases, new music, merch, and shows! 



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