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Get Caught Up In "Lust"

Up and coming 22 year old music producer hailing from Southern California by the name of Dlopes started to make his mark in his music career after discovering it was her therapeutic outlet. Some of Dlopes influences include artists and bands like Nirvana, Cage The Elephant and Kanye West. With such a rage of influences you can tell how this plays a part in he creates his own music. Dlopes brings something raw and unique to the table that you need to check out!

Dlopes brings us a laid back version of Lo-Fi beats with his new album“Lust”. Dlopes fuses classic Hip Hop combined by his notable Lo-Fi flares making Dlopes develop a unique stand out sound for himself. Dlopes feeds us with vibes and emotion, leaving the listener lost in the music and catching the vibes that Dlopes is winding out. A combination of hard beats and acoustic guitars fading in and out at certain cues throughout the song. Dlopes keeps the sound fresh and attention grabbing throughout the entire album.

Listen to "Lust" here and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Dlopes below!


Hi there! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and how you got into pursuing music as your career?

I got into pursuing music originally because I used to write poetry in high school and I decided to write to instrumentals so I eventually thought why not make the instrumentals that I could write to.

In what ways has Nirvana influenced the way you produce your music?

Nirvana has influenced my music because Nirvana didn't care about rules and as long as the music was good that's all that mattered. They were a grunge band but you could have put them in so many different categories. That's kind of like me like I make I guess you would say hip hop instrumental beats but when I have shown them to people they would like it but not know what type of music genre to call it which I think is cool.

What kind of music do you mostly listen to right now? If you had to choose who to collaborate with right now - who would you choose?

I listen to a lot of alternative, Indie, Hip hop, Rap, R&B, Trap, Punk , Rock and whatever Twenty One Pilots is. If I could choose anyone to collaborate with right now I would choose Brockhampton!

What was the creation process like for, “Lust”?

Well the creation process for lost was that I feel like I tend to lost for people when in reality they probably don't see me in the same way or I'll get ignored by them. I feel like that's 25% of the reason and the other 75% is because we live in a society were lust is a big thing. There's Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter and I feel like us young adults/teenagers are always comparing each other and for what? But at the end of the day you could have some really attractive or think about somebody all the time and have them seem like a celebrity but if they don't like you the same way, you're just lusting and that's our society nowadays. Lust is an illusion

How would you describe the mood of “Lust”?

I would describe my album Lust to be something that almost everyone can relate to.  It's kind of like the 1st half of the album is the happy mood and the 2nd half of the album is like the harsh reality which necessarily isn't pretty but it's real. When its coming to Lust I do believe some forms of lust can turn into love and I don't think it's bad for people to lust, I just feel like we as society tend to lust after the wrong people.


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