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A Song That Everyone Can Relate To: “Take Me Back” By SHAYE

Charismatic and undeniably talent, SHAYE is launching into the music industry with great force. Her powerhouse vocals and intoxicating personality with have her skyrocketing to the top. SHAYE strives to create music that her fans can relate to and connect with her on a more personal level. She’s known for her professionalism and determination through her work, while still keeping things bubbly and fun.

SHAYE’s debut release “Take Me Back” is an upbeat millennial anthem. It talks about the nostalgic feeling of reminiscing on the good times we all had as teenagers. SHAYE has a vocal range and tone beyond her age, it’s filled with subtle hints of R&B soul while still remaining modern and catchy. I think the overall message of the song is to enjoy life while we’re living it and not to waste our time because soon this time in our life will only be a distant memory. The retro, yet modern, backbeat and synths give the song an alluring reminiscent sound. “Take Me Back” is a true summer hit! I highly recommend you add it to your summer playlist and stay on the lookout for the incredibly talented SHAYE.

Check out “Take Me Back” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with SHAYE!

Hi SHAYE! Can you tell our readers where you’re from and what your upbringing into music was like? What age did you write your first song? 

I am originally from Newcastle Australia but now living in Sydney. Music had always been a big part of my life thanks to my dad inspiring me and guiding me into the life of a musician. 

I started writing songs at the young age of 10, as being a performer since 2 I wanted to move onto the next step to help with that kind of life I wished to live.

How do you feed your passion for music everyday?

I definitely do. I wake up, there’s music, I eat there’s music and when I sleep I’m thinking about music. Without music life wouldn’t be as exciting. 

What inspired you to write “Take Me Back”?

Take me back was inspired by the time that I have now released has become a past moment so quickly. Just living your best life while it’s happening around you is something everyone forgets to appreciate. 

Who are you biggest musical influences? Why?

My dad was my influence in terms of performance. Unfortunately he is not with us anymore but his love for this art still carries through. 

Does this debut single mean you’re working on a full EP?

When I return to Australia I do have exciting news about new music that will be announced at the launch party. So keep updated !


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