A Spotlight On Gabriel Iwasaki's New Song "Out From The Light"

A professional composer since the age of 19, Gabriel Iwasaki is a classical formed pianist who took his passion as his career, going for a degree in Musical Composition at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. In 2015, he released his first solo album entitled “ The Journey of Life”, where he combines his classical roots with his deep and profound love for the progressive genre. Since then, he also joined award-winning Peruvian progressive rock band “Flor de Loto” as a keyboard player, releasing the studio albums Arbol de la Vida (2016) and Eclipse (2018). Arbol de la Vida being awarded as the “2016 best metal album” by the biggest Peruvian newspaper outlet “El Comercio”. At the age of 25, he released his second solo album entitled “The Journey Continues”. Gabriel Iwasaki's album continues to refine his musical offering, combining classical and progressive rock elements with an even more complex and virtuosic style of playing. Gabriel Iwasaki's new single “Out From The Light” advances like an atomic bomb erupting! With a buildup and climaxing instrumental before Gabriel shocks us with his electric vocals, “Out From The Light” is a rock n roll story with a beginning, middle and end, within a three minute and thirty nine second time span. Completely capturing the moment of old age rock, the velocity of this single is vicious! You can feel the song stronger than an ear to radio sensation! He also abundantly combines many different elements of rock from its subdued chords to its high speed electricity, adding numerous characteristics and color to the single.

Listen to Gabriel Iwasaki's new song "Out From The Light"!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers!

Hello to you, person reading this! I am Gabriel Iwasaki, Peruvian pianist, composer and producer. I am a classical trained pianist, who took his passion seriously going for a bachelor and licentiate degree in Musical Composition at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. I am also the keyboard player for award-winning progressive folk rock band "Flor de Loto" and the exclusive music composer for the "Genesis Universe" app, developed by peruvian company "7 Cats Art Studio". Currently, I also work as a freelance composer and piano teacher, as well as having my own solo project band.

How did you began composing music at the age of 19? Were you in piano lessons?

To be honest, I have always been composing music, even while being a little kid. I took piano lessons when I was around 6 years old, but started taking it seriously when I was 15. I have always recorded, one way or another, my musical ideas, being in my phones voice memos, written on a paper, etc. It wasn't until I was 19 when I had my first professional commission for a composition by the "Peruvian National Association of Hotels", who wanted me to do a very set of custom music for a big event they were holding. I have been composing professionally ever since!

Do you think your classical background has served beneficial for you?

Absolutely! I feel particularly grateful for that. My classical training has provided me with a very deep understanding of music theory and harmony (particularly for the type of music I do), as well as having allowed me to be skillful enough to play all the crazy virtuosic parts I love to do in my music. Also, my classical influences have driven me to do a lot of orchestral compositions too, having some compositions of mine being played by national orchestras here in Peru.

What’s so special about fusing classical music with Rock music?

I feel like they just work! In a way, they can compliment each other very well. I love how the harshness of distorted guitars can combine so energetically with the more mellow tone of a well orchestrated full string part. I do like that classical music, or orchestral music for that matter, gives that epic and dramatic edge to rock music, specially when the whole orchestra is playing in fortissimo. On the other side, classical music really shines on the softer and more mellow tunes, given the dynamic qualities of their own instruments. I think a very good example of this is my song "A Story of Two" from my first solo record "The Journey of Life".

Do you feel like you can be categorized in one singular genre? Or are you more diverse and versatile?

If I had to be labeled in one single genre, I would definitely say progressive rock. I think it is a genre that covers pretty much all of the music I do. However, I would say that I feel like I could categorize my own music between two different realms: classical/orchestral/soundtrack and progressive rock.

In your artist perspective, how would you interpret “Out From The Light” for our readers?

"Out From The Light" is a very modern sounding progressive rock tune. It essentially combines a "pop song"  structure with the heaviness of modern progressive rock music, such as heavy distorted guitars and super loud and virtuosic solos from both the guitar and the keyboards (keytar actually!). Regarding the lyrics, the song has a darker edge to it, as it tells about a character's journey into darkness out from the light (If you read the first three song's names of my album "The Journey Continues", they will literally say that!). Thematically, the song fits perfectly with the album's concept theme, which is a the search of one's self identity.

What's next for you?

Regarding my solo project, we have a bunch of videos coming out, one of them being a videoclip of this song! My third solo album is now currently in the works, which will tell a later part of the story of this current record. With my band "Flor de Loto", we have a north american tour in mid 2019 (our biggest concert will be available in DVD and Blu-Ray), as well as a European tour in late 2019. Regarding my other projects, I am still doing a lot of music for "7 Cats Art Studio" and we have a lot of very cool plans for next year, involving audiovisual content. I cannot be grateful enough to be doing music for living, and that it is starting to make me travel the world!

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