A Spotlight on Service Delay, Representing the New Era of Pop-Punk Music

Service Delay comes to us from Toronto, Canada, and has been making impressive music together, all within the short duration of three years together as a band. Service delay is made up of brothers Joe Galbrand (Bass/Vocals) and Dave Galbrand (Guitar/Vocals), Carter Brockerville (Drums), and Chris Cadieux (Lead Guitar/Backup vocals). These guys love to write gritty "Dive Bar" fueled pop-punk tracks for the sheer love of it- it doesn't hurt these tracks are ones you can party to. The foursome doesn't complicate matters; their ability to jive together creates a supportive atmosphere for song creation. There is nothing these guys love more than getting on stage, working up a sweat, and feeding off a dim room filled with punk lovers alike.

It's not all about thrashing punk tracks, these guys aren't afraid to strip it down and hit an acoustic track out of the park; the Galbrand brothers have a set of powerful pipes that deliver powerful vocal stylings. The guys all have their own musical influences they draw inspiration from. From punk bands like Billy Talent, rock gods like John Bonham, and a dash of metalcore sampling, their combined varieties of taste help the guys develop and amplify new sounds to coin their own.

Check out Service Delay today, stream “Shores” here.