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A Synth Rock Opus from Voices Below

Now, we don't use the word "opus" lightly. Stories by the Lake, the massive LP from Voices Below is as close to an opus as it gets within the genre. It seems the LP title isn't just a clever name either. The record goes through an array of musical chapters each one swaying you to keep going on.

Be ready for some genre bouncing as the record has some superb guitar work with songwriter Michael Goldberg delving into creating each song with its own sound. Best listened to on a good lengthy night drive alone, you start to get a grasp of what you're in for with the first track "The Fallen". A more guitar-driven alternative rock song with a strangely addicting and almost familiar sound.

Then there are synth-pop ballads like "The Ground Beneath Our Feet" that play out like a darkwave theatre track. With most songs, if you listen carefully, it's easy to tell Goldberg (who wrote and recorded the album), gives his all emotionally or lyrically. There is something to be said for that.

So, as said earlier, Stories By The Lake is an opus of sorts. A synth-rock opus, and every minute gets darker and smokier until it's the finale. Check out this record here.


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