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A$ton Dollar$ Showcases Uplifting Vibes In New Single And Video For “Champagne Popping”

On the rise, Marlon Beaudouin, better known by his artist name A$ton Dollar$, hails from New York City with his artistic versatility. Growing up for most of his life in Hillside Queens, A$ton Dollar$ dabbles in the new wave of the music industry as a multi-talented vocalist and rapper. Making thoughtful, conscious, and driven songs driven by his desire to motivate, inspire and get lit, his versatility and wit make him the flourishing artist he is today.

Collaborating with the creative minds over at Box Visuals, "Champagne Popping" is the latest sonic and visual pairing to come from the imaginative concepts residing in A$ton Dollar$ headspace. Bringing forth a music video that ignites the power of money, late-night club nights, and a loyal crew by your side, we're fully enthralled by every moment that comes from the eye-catching visuals.

Unveiling instrumentation goes hand in hand with the playful themes present. We admire how the cinematography effortlessly flows along with the buoyancy intertwined in this record. A$ton Dollar$ has a knack for creating vivid atmospheres that make you wish you were present. Casting out major FOMO as this track progresses, we're fixated on the smooth, old-school roots of Hip-hop embedded into his adaptation of today's generation of music. Keep it slick with his carefully crafted wording and his undeniable swagger; we can guarantee that you'll feel the confidence ooze from your screen as you take this gem to its full extent.

Letting us live lavishly through the experiences he portrays, A$ton Dollar$ has us thoroughly captivated with the elements he's bringing to life in this crazy little thing called life.

Welcome to Buzz Music, A$ton Dollar$! Congratulations on the release of your single and music video for "Champagne Popping." With such a playful theme present in this record, was there a specific moment or story that inspired the creation?

Thank you, BuzzMusic. "Champagne Popping" presents as a storyline from Hillside Queens NY to New Jersey starting from the bottom as an Artist working my way up to being that Great Artist, building relationships with Great Mentors such as G-Smoove, Rich Ahee, & IAMDJWInn who introduces and also being a great support system for A$ton Dollar$ journey to being a successful Artist. What inspired A$ton Dollar$ to write "Champagne Popping" was through having some Great moments in his life with Great friends from his childhood such as PDUBB, PSMITH, INKERBWETRUST, and others as well. Each moment of A$ ton's career would lead up to a celebration of "Champagne Popping," which was a traditional significance for A$ton Dollar$ in Queens.

What was it like working with Box Vision to create vivid scenes for the "Champagne Popping" music video? How long did filming take?

Working with Mike Waller from Box Visuals was awesome and phenomenal as well. He made everything I wanted to be displayed and captured turn into life from a perceived vision I had towards this project. The music video shoot took us about 8 hours, catching all A rolls and B rolls as well as performing shots to make this project work.

Through life's hardships, do you find it difficult to always stay on such a positive note throughout the music you create?

I think on a positive note, it can feel like a disbalance sometimes writing to what you want to write to when creating music but at the same time, hardships help me write better when I go through things in general, so basically depending on the nature and mood that I'm in, the outcome always ends on a positive note or better in that type of nature.

What do you hope your audience can take away from the themes and message present with this creative offering?

I hope That my audience can enjoy a fun record like this when partying and vibing, and also understand the story behind how champagne popping is more about the positive notes of achieving your goals and your dreams when popping that Champagne Bottle and you celebrating with your peers and the people you care about the most.

What is your ideal creative environment to make music in? Do you notice a difference in your work when you optimize your settings and craft in this atmosphere?

I like being creative in the studio, I like traveling and seeing things that are different, and I like learning new things, whereas these new things make me want to write about things that I've done in my life that were a great experience cool or fun. I always notice when I do experience being in a different setting, my craft gets way better than how it was before, which I find very awesome.


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