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A Unique Twist To A Led Zeppelin Hit By Oliver Soerup and Stephen Weber

Oliver Soerup and Stephen Weber is going through their very special and personal journey into Led Zeppelin’s song “Kashmir", with their song “Short Trip To Kashmir”. I think Oliver and Stephen did an amazing job paying homage to an iconic record while adding their own twist and spin to the song. There could be some challenges artists face when they attempt to cover a popular or well known song however, Oliver and Stephen executed their own idea of the tune flawlessly.

“Short Trip To Kashmir” has a well-rounded and opulent aesthetic. The vocals are intricate, astonishing and abundantly soothing. They also released visuals alongside the song where they interpret the piece into their own elucidation. The animated production was pleasing for us to see and did a great job displaying their clarification of a legendary mix. The storytelling visuals and enthralling tune was a great combination and sprinkled the correct amount of uniqueness to a well-known hit that many people adore. Not only were they able to fabricate a remix that reflects off the thinking of themselves, they were able to make it appealing to listeners and viewers, keeping us attentive the entire time and allowing us to explore their journey with them.

Listen to “Short Trip To Kashmir” here.


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