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A-V Delivers Us A Hit With Latest Release "Da Blues"

Rap artist A-V has been developing his rap skills since he was a child. He always had a

love for poetry and for writing short stories. Coming from a family of 4, A-V occasionally wrote and recorded demos when visiting relatives in the most unorthodox way on a cassette karaoke machine. Eventually this endeavour led to A-V and his relative Charles Lowery (Extra-O) and a friend creating a group called, “New Threat” which eventually turned into a family Hip hop group that consisted of 5 members both male and female.

A-V draws his inspiration from artists like 2Pac, Biggie, Jadakiss, and MAC Dre to

name a few. Having dropped a mixtape since the group split, A-V continues to produce and

release new music like his most recent track “Da Blues”. Starting with a cool intro with a nostalgic throwback sound back to when 2pac was alive, A-V lays his bars smoothly explaining his life and talks about an unnamed person who seems to have been continually been a negative force in his life. A-V has a driving rhythm and flow that draws you in as he goes through each verse. His

message is one that is relatable to most people where A-V expresses his journey and the

challenges he has faced and continues to persevere. Overall, we were extremely pleased with A-V's single!

Listen to "Da Blues" here and get to know A-V in our interview below!

Hey A-V, can you tell our readers a little about yourself and what made you start your career in music?

I’m from KCMO born and raised. I been doing music since I was 14. I have done many venues all around Ks and MO. I’ve sold 20,000+hard copies out the trunk. I got the passion from elementary and was inspired once I use to go over to my cousins house and record on cassette tapes and I fell in love with after hearing my voice.

What would you say is something that sets you apart from other rap artists in general?

One thing that sets me out from other rappers is I’m more alternative with my music, I don’t have just one genre of hip hop. I can change my flow up, very versatile. I like to tone down on all different topics, for example I did a song called “Hardship” dedicated to my mom talking about different trials and tribulations because of her being a single parent. I try to send a positive message through my music, because it’s powerful and I could help someone through my music.

Who do you look up to the most in the music industry and why?

Of course Tupac, that should be anyone #1 because of the impact he had in his music st such a young age. The things he stood for was powerful, he could’ve changed the world through his music. If I was to pick someone current I would choose Young Buck because of his whole style he keeps it real at all times, he pushes his music and what he stands for.

Why did you decide to call this song, “Da Blues”?

I’m basically calling it “Da Blues” because I’m talking about making money throughout the whole song if you like making money then you like making new money. That was the metaphor in my chorus “make some new money, now my pockets got da Blues” which was kinda catchy so I went with “Da Blues”.

What is the concept behind your song art?

The artwork is a visual of the everyday struggle and a hustle everyone has their own hustle. My hustle has always been my music selling it in front of corner stores that’s why you see me with the bums posted up with a bag full of money and chop because I hustle hard made a cool amount off the music and you have to have protection. Basically just a black man trying to make some new money.

How and when do you start writing lyrics for your songs?

First, I start with the beat which I have a few producers rocking with me right now, S/O to IOTB, Pariamakinbeat, and DJ W Produce. Once I have the beat I vibe with it to see how it makes me feel, I go off of that and I start freestyling then that helps me come up with a hook then I basically build the verse off the hook, once I have my hook and verses everything comes together then I come up with the title to the song.


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