A Wholesome New Release From ShaVazz The Weirdo Has Us in Awe

ShaVazz The Weirdo is an artist who is all about expanding his music. Since starting his career he has released an EP that landed a distribution deal under Virginia Is Kool under Universal Music Group, released numerous singles, and is back with a brand new release with Ryan O’ShaughnessyHave You Seen Today?”. It's the perfect tune to put on and mellow out to at the end of a long day.

There is so much raw emotion here, and it’s full of positive and wholesome energy, that is all about making the world a better place. As we listened, we felt incredibly calm, like we are floating up in the sky being guided by ShaVazz The Weirdo and his performance here is just lovely to listen to. It has a sincere sound to it that makes you feel comfortable. Combined with a super jazzy smooth guitar performance and the ever so humble message about everyone coming together, Have You Seen Today? makes for the perfect late night-tune. This release has us completely in love, and we can’t recommend enough for everyone to check out this release, it has something in it that will make you feel whole inside.

Check out “Have You Seen Today?” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic ShaVazz! We are completely in awe w